Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta Mattress Reviews: Serta Featherby Plush Mattress Sets

Planning on buying a new mattress? Check out this Serta Mattress Review! The Serta Featherby Plush Mattress Sets features three kinds of foam and individually wrapped coils to create heat-dispersing, medium-soft support for pressure points like shoulders and joints. The 2.75” layer of Comfort XD Foam reduces pressure buildup on areas such as the shoulders and hips, and 1/2” Cool Twist gel memory foam helps disperse heat to preserve comfortable sleeping temperatures. Beneath these plush layers, the individually wrapped coils create a layer of customized support, independently expanding and contracting depending on specific areas of pressure. The 1” Serta support foam provides more firmness at the sleep surface. Designed and built in the USA. Comfort Rating: 6 (on a scale of 1–10, with 1 being the firmest).

Serta Featherby Plush Mattress Sets Size Chart:

Size Profile Mattress Box Spring
Twin Low Profile 38”x74.5”x12.5” 38”x74.5”x6”
Standard 38”x74.5”x12.5” 38”x74.5”x9”
Full Low Profile 53”x74.5”x12.5” 53”x74.5”x6”
Standard 53”x74.5”x12.5” 53”x74.5”x9”
Queen Low Profile 60”x79.5”x12.5” 60”x79.5”x6”
Standard 60”x79.5”x12.5” 60”x79.5”x9”
Split Queen Low Profile 60”x79.5”x12.5” Two 30”x79.5”x6”
Standard 60”x79.5”x12.5” Two 30”x79.5”x9”
King Low Profile 76”x79.5”x12.5” Two 38″x79.5″x6”
Standard 76”x79.5”x12.5” Two 38”x79.5”x9”
California King Low Profile 72”x83.5”x12.5” Two 36”x83.5”x6”
Standard 72”x83.5”x12.5” Two 36”x83.5”x9”

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