Beauty from the Pantry: Turn Your Hair Blonde Naturally

Going Blonde Naturally

Do you remember that spray called “Sun In”? You sprayed it in your hair and then you either blow dried it or went out into the sun. Like most hair lightening products, it was loaded with chemicals that actually burnt and damaged your hair. Let’s not even talk about hair dyes! I mean Ammonia. In. Your. Hair! While it does give your hair the color you want almost instantaneously, the damage is almost irreversible, unless you cut it off and start all over.

I know that today, we want everything RIGHT NOW, without thinking about the chemicals we are putting into our bodies. Whenever we put something in our hair, our scalp absorbs it all. Part of trying to live a greener life, a healthier life, is making little changes. I’m going to give you a recipe for a blond hair dye. It’s all natural ingredients, and while it takes a few times of repeating the process the outcome is gorgeous and healthy! This is perfect to do during the summer time to get that sun touched look. All you need to turn your hair blonde naturally are two ingredients!

Turn Your Hair Blonde Naturally


  • 1-2 cups lemon juice (use more for longer hair)
  • 3-4 cups chamomile tea (brewed and cooled off)


  • Dampen your hair
  • Mix lemon juice and chamomile tea together
  • Pour the mixture over your hair
  • Sit in the sun for about an hour or until your hair is dry
  • Rinse your hair with a good conditioner (probably one that you already made)

**Note** You may have to repeat this process everyday for several weeks until your desired result has been achieved. It’s a longer process but a healthier and greener one.

Lemon is a natural lightener, mostly because of the natural acids it contains. Chamomile, when brewed, is a beautiful pale yellow and will help lighten your hair to your desired color.

So be blonde the natural way. We would love to see pictures of your end result, share it with us under the comment section.

Thanks to Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker for these tips!

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