Domestic Diva: Homemade Body Wash

How to make homemade body wash!

Because of my successful Homemade Laundry Soap, I decided to gather more homemade skin care and body care recipes. Good thing because I have great readers who shares with me some of their best finds and today here’s Angela’s recipe for Homemade Body Wash which I plan on making soon.

Homemade Body Wash By Angie Klinzing

You will need

– 8 oz bar of soap (any bar will do, but read the label to make sure you are using 8 oz. For some soaps that’s one bar and others it’s 2 or 3 bars)

I used 3 which equaled 9.6 oz so I added a little more Glycerin when I made mine

– 2 Tbsp of Glycerin (found by the band aides and not soap aisle)

– 1 gallon (16 Cups of Water)

– Stock Pot (large one)

– Container for soap (example milk jug)

1. Grate your soap like its cheese (use cheese grater or cut up very small chunks)
Put in stock pot with the water and glycerin
Heat on Medium until all of the soap is dissolved (if you grate it goes faster)

2. When all is dissolved, you will have what looks like soapy water (that’s normal)

3. Take off the heat and let cool for 10-12 hrs

4. After the cool down it should be thick

5. Beat with hand mixer, adding as much water as you want in order to get what consistency you desire

6. At this point you can add in perfume and fragrances

7. Funnel in to a container

When I was done my homemade body wash was still pretty thick so I added more water when they were in the milk jugs. That’s how I came out with 2 milk jugs worth.

Thanks for this tip Angela!

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