Best Hair Color For Gray Hair Cover

I was walking by a mirror one day. I hardly ever look in the mirror. I was so startled by what I saw I wanted to melt right there and cry. You know cry those giant tears that no amount of hand wiping can stop from sliding down your face. The kind of tears that lead way to the blowing of the nose and you searching for the tissue. I want to remember myself at sixteen so other than the brushing of the teeth and the hair drying episode. I spend more time looking in the rearview mirror of my car than the mirror in my bathroom.

I want to remember myself at sixteen so other than the brushing of the teeth and the hair drying episode. I spend more time looking in the rearview mirror of my car than the mirror in my bathroom.

That explains why my beauty routine in minimal. I like sunscreen, lipsense which I still consider the best lipstick for women over 40 or any woman at all, and moisturizer.

Best Lipsticks For Women Over 40

It was in that moment that I saw a big gray hair. You know the kind that sticks straight up as if to say look at me! Look! She has gray hair. It was from that moment forward that I decided I needed to find the best hair color for gray hair. 

I did what every woman does I went to the drug store. I carefully considered ease of use, time to use, color choices. I nervously looked at the boxes and tried to figure out which one looked the most like my color. Then I tried to figure out what one I liked best.

I bought six boxes. Yes, six. I needed to see in a different light what was best. I needed to ask friends what to use. I needed them all because that one gray hair wasn’t going to sprout friends.  I needed the best hair color to cover gray for brunettes and I need it before that hair reaches for cousins.

Then I did the unthinkable. I chickened out. Yup. I called the salon and made an appointment to have my hair colored. They know what they are doing. I didn’t. I was afraid I would lose all my hair over the single coloring of one hair. I returned all the boxes even though the ladies looked great and sure were happy. I couldn’t chance it. I liked having hair.

I spent $65 dollars to get rid of that gray hair. I was so excited. I loved my new look. I even bought the best shampoo for dry hair Nexxus for colored hair.

best shampoo for dry hair

After, I emptied my wallet of $65 which is half of my grocery budget. I was so excited the gray hair was gone until it wasn’t. That $65 hair color lasted one month and guess what? I had more gray hair show up to the party. I couldn’t believe it happened so fast. I did some quick math and realized this could be almost a $1,000 problem each year if I didn’t figure out what is the best-boxed hair dye to use.

   I started with Vidal Sasson because it was expensive. I have had my hair cut there once in my life and it was amazing! I figured I would try their hair color.

I was honestly disappointed. The color went on well but it just didn’t last. I could see my gray hair quickly. I also didn’t like how my hair felt.

The next brand I tried was Clairol root touch up. This went on easy enough. I liked the applicator. I liked the coverage but I did go longer than the box tells you because I have hair as stubborn as me. I thought for the price it did the job it lasted 4 weeks until the gray was there for everyone to see.

I was still searching for the answer to Best Hair Color For Gray Hair Cover.  I think I found the solution it is more expensive than the drugstore options but it last longer and my hair felt amazing when I was done. I did have a couple of problems so read my review of Madison Reed so you can avoid my mistakes and look incredible.

This my Madison Reed Review

I have tried several colors and I decided I would share the outcome with you. I love Madison Reed  

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Milano Brown After
Milano Brown

You can order yours here Madison Reed