BJ’s Wholesale Club Review

BJ Wholesale Club Review

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Get exclusive members only offers for everyday family savings with BJ’s Wholesale Club membership. They carry supermarket items from your favorite brands and convenient sizes, they have USDA certified organic and natural items, baby essentials and even name brand electronics. Plus BJs accepts manufacturer coupons which you can combine with BJs coupons to save more.

I was recently invited to traveled to Orlando to see what was new with Bj’s Whole Sale club. I am a frequent shopper at Bj’s but I failed to realize these  things until they were pointed out to me.


BJ’s Wholesale Club Review

These are my kids who love shopping with me at BJ’s Wholesale Club because the get their favorite snack in large quantities. This my friends is like food Christmas or in my case Hanukah. I save so much money and it really does make packing lunch for three kids easy and being snack mom for soccer a breeze.

bj whole sale club

1 You can order things online. That means some of the stuff you see int  he club comes in different colors, shapes, or sizes. That is especially helpful when selecting anything from trampolines to kids furniture colors and set options.

2 They have car insurance. They also sell cars. We will count this as just one thing. Yes, I know it is two. They go hand in hand if you buy a car at a discount there you might as well save on the car insurance. I am serious no one cares if you pay less.

cheese aisle

3 They allow you to use coupons. Yes, paper coupons. The ones you find in the paper, online, and on products. They have name brand stuff so you can actually save even more. They have gourmet cheese. I will admit I have a cheese issue. If I do not have my cheese there is an issue!


4 They have name brand products and food at 30%- 60% off daily. Look at those fresh veggies. Who can resist fresh veggies. They go great with cheese.

5 You can buy furniture for a REALLY inexpensive price and it is high quality. I sat on the patio set and all I can say is wow!

6 They have an award worthy selection of holiday decor and cards

7 They have gluten free bakery options. They also have nut free options!

8. You can have custom made cakes done for a “song”

lunch meat

9. They have a deli counter where you can have your meat cut and in my opinion their Dietz and Watson It blows away Boars head.

baby aisle Bj whole sale club

10. They have everything you need for babies from furniture, strollers, diapers, bottles, and more.

BONUS Alert:

I would buy a BJ Wholesale Club membership for this reason and this reason alone.

I can grab lunch or dinner for five people for around $10. I have saved thousands of dollars on everything from office supplies to fruit. I can’t tell you what is coming in the next couple of weeks but when you see what they are rolling out. You will know the new item has my name written all over it!

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“BJ’s Wholesale Club’s Free 60-Day Membership

Hurry and take advantage of the Free 60-Day Membership now through July 5, 2015.

Just sign up at and begin shopping online immediately or visit your local BJ’s to activate their trial*. Once enrolled, shoppers are given a membership number and will receive a membership card upon visiting the member services desk at your local BJ’s.

Here’s what BJ’s apart from other wholesale clubs.

BJ’s Wholesale Club
ü  Carries the most assortment of leading brands, many in supermarket sizes
ü  Product assortment includes USDA Choice meats, premium produce and delicious organics
ü  Carries over 200 organic/natural products
ü  Provides members with its exclusive, high-quality brands of Berkley Jensen® and Wellsley Farms®
ü  Is the only membership club that accepts all manufacturers’ coupons
ü  Accepts more forms of payment than any other wholesale club

*This offer is only valid in the following states: CT, DE, FL, GA, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VA.

“BJ’s Wholesale Club’s Free 60-Day Membership is now available in 13 states within our footprint and 192 of our clubs. This particular Membership opportunity is not available in 15 clubs in North Carolina and Ohio.”

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