DIY Wedding Bouquet Button Ball

DIY Wedding Bouquet Button Ball



Weddings can be really expensive! And a big chunk of your wedding budget can be dedicated to flowers. The bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, center pieces, etc. We actually used fake flowers for a lot of our wedding flowers. So if you are looking for a fun (and cheap!) alternative to bridesmaids bouquets, then I have a fun project for you today! Pictured above is my DIY Wedding Bouquet Button Ball! These can be customized with wedding colors and themes, are would look super cute walking down the isle hanging by the wrist of your awesome bridesmaids! (And Bonus: they can keep it forever!) This project cost about $15, and took me around 1/2 an hour to complete. So do you want to learn how to make one? It’s easy! 

Here is what you will need to make this DIY Wedding Bouquet Button Ball:



  • Soft Foam Ball ( in the flower section of the craft store)
  • Buttons! (In your theme/colors)
  • Pearlized Pins (I got a box of 100 of $2 at WalMart)
  • Ribbon (In your desired color/thickness)
  • Scissors

Here is how you make this DIY Wedding Bouquet Button Ball:



Step 1: First, decide how long you want your ribbon to be and cut it. Secure each side of the ribbon to each side of the soft foam.



Step 2: Next, grab your buttons and pins and start laying down buttons in whatever pattern you want. Make sure to cover up as much as the foam as you can. (You could also paint the foam ahead of time, so that way if there was empty spaces it wouldn’t matter.



Step 3: After you have secured buttons all the way around your ball, look for empty spaces and fill in with smaller buttons, you can layer over existing buttons for a 3D effect!



That’s it! Just 3 simple steps to make a fun (and different) kind of bridesmaids bouquet for way less money than flowers!

Did you use something other than traditional flowers in your bouquet or decorations? Let us know in the comments below!

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