Blendtec Review

Disclaimer: I received a Blendtec for this review but opinions are 100% my own.


Blentec Review

I love my Blendtec. I had no idea it would be so easy to use. I find myself asking why didn”t I know about you before? I thought at it for a long time. I mean it is an expensive purchase. Then I made a smoothie and then I made ice cream. Then I made soup. I just kept making things and they were easy to make and healthy. I really strive to make dollars out of change. That means you can save money when you make smart choices. I am able to whip up all these new treats. That means I am eating healthier and it is also means I am not buying them. I can make a smoothie for less than $1.00 and they cost $5.00 at one of those shops. I am able to add in healthy stuff like spinach and my kids eat it!

I took my Blendtec mixer out of the box. I unwrapped it. I washed it off. I put in the frozen fruit then the chia and flax seed. Then I put in the liquid . I click on the cup icon and voila it made me a smoothie. It was so yummy that I froze it for the afternoon for a treat for the kids.

I was provided the items below in exchange for my review. I think the Blendtec is worth saving for. I would put it on your amazon wish list and have people put towards it. I can”t imagine what I did without this!

Blendtec Designer Series Twister jar.

The Designer Series™ brings a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the kitchen.

Package includes:

  • Designer Series motor base
  • WildSide jar
  • Vented Gripper™ lid
  • Fresh Blends Recipe book
  • Owner”s manual
  • Registration card

It has been engineered to bring a whole new level of beauty and functionality to the high-end blender category, without compromising the famous power and efficiency of the Total Blender Classic.

Features include:

  • Complete speed control
  • Vivid icons
  • New sleek design
  • Easy, fast cleanup
  • Versatile functionality

The touch area has illuminated, easy-to-read, universal icons that enable you to effortlessly select our signature blend cycles. Just touch anywhere on the slider to jump right to any speed, and slide your finger up and down to fine-tune your blend.  It”s a whole juicer, meat grinder, latte machine, bread mixer, ice cream maker, grain mill, coffee grinder, milk shake mixer, and blender. With  its1,560 Watts of Power, the most-powerful motor available for home use. And the best part cleanup is simple, all you need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

Blendtec Twister Jarir?t=madadeal 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0087Q1T1S  ….. AWESOME!

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