No More Bored Kids with the Summer Savings at Dollar General

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


No More Bored Kids with the Summer Savings at Dollar General 



   At Dollar General all of your summer needs are answered. I was given a challenge and that was to have my kids spend $35 to get as many things as they could find to stop the age old cry of I am bored. I think they did a super job. I was frankly surprised by the amount of items we were able to buy. I have children that are all different ages and they were each able to find things that would amuse them.


No More Bored Kids!

Here is how we intend to stay happy and not get bored!



You can see my kids got tons of stuff. They all walked out with two bags each. I gave them each a budget and they had an amazing time picking out things and figuring out who got the best deal.



This is how my youngest was going to fight boredom


1) Make drawings with chalk

2) Trace his brother and sister with chalk

3) make hop scotch with the chalk

4) Play hot wheels on the table

5) Build a hot wheel trail

6) Hungry hippo game "to play with his friends and maybe mom"




7) She is going to color

8) Write in a journal

9) Write letters

10) Have a sticker collection

11) Get her nails done

12) Play marbles

13) Hide marbles

14) Play princess card games

15) Play games hiding cards




16) Go swimming with his goggles

17) Jump off the diving board with his ear plugs

18) Do a puzzle with mom and dad

19) Have his brother and sister count the puzzle pieces when they annoy him

20) Jot down notes and erase them

21) Make up a story in his notebook

22) Write letters to friends

23) Play blocks with his friends and maybe with siblings if they are good

24) Build Airplane

25) Play outside with the airplane

26) Color pictures with color pencils

27) Play tic tac toe

28) Letter of the alphabet will be used for spy papers

29) He plans to use his brother's cars to make an airport with paper people and cars

30) He may play cards with his sister if she is nice and doesn't tell his friends he used pink cards




I can't tell you what was more fun in going shopping with my kids. The ideas they came up with to not get bored or the pictures they wanted me to take of them while playing with their new toys. I was really pleased with the amount of things I could buy with so little! Dollar General is more than a place to pick up your staples it is the play to increase your summer fun. Check out the summer savings at Dollar General and say no to boredom.



July is Anti-Boredom month and I’m honored to be part of Dollar General’s campaign. My kids will definitely be happy and busy with all the fun stuff they got. Battle boredom now by checking out the summer savings at Dollar General. With a wide in-store selection of summer essentials, DG has all your needs for everything from a day at the water park to a gardening day with your kids. Spend the day baking or grilling out for less with DG products.

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