Gardening Tips – Bug Repelling Plants

Bug Repelling Plants

bug repelling plants

One thing that most people can agree upon in regards to the “Great Outdoors” is that bugs take a bite out of the amount of enjoyment one can get from spending time in the elements. Personally I live in Florida and I am trying to spend a lot more time outdoors with my kids enjoying the weather and creating a garden before the weather turns to unbearably hot, with a side of hurricane, and a splash of mosquito infestation.

I am sure that if you visit the theme parks here in Central Florida you think you know we go through. You are probably surprised to hear there is a major bug issue. You have probably never gotten a mosquito bite or heard the tiniest buzz while visiting the Sunshine State. Let me let you in on a secret: it is because of the bug repelling plants. Sure there are plenty of mass bug sprayings and candles, but the real reason you don’t get eaten alive by mosquitos is the plants. Not only are many plants beautiful, but serve a dual purpose in protecting spaces around them from pests.

Here is a quick guide to 13 plants that repel insects

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Marigolds: mosquitos, aphids

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Catnip: mosquitos, cockroaches

Floss Flowers: mosquitos

Petunias: aphids, squash bugs, hornworms

Citronella Grass: mosquitos

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Lavender: moths, fleas, flies, mosquitos

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Basil: flies, mosquitos

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Mint: mosquitos

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Lemongrass: mosquitos

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Bee Balm: mosquitos

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Wormwood: ants

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Rosemary: mosquitos

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Chrysanthemums: roaches, silverfish, ants, fleas, bedbugs

Whether or not you plan on using the plants to protect your garden, keep your kids and yourself safe from bites and other annoyances, or just create a more lovely atmosphere to enjoy outside, many of these plants can serve you well. Also some of these plants can be low maintenance and can work as indoor or outdoor plants. Some have other uses as well, such as soap, cooking, and to infuse oils. Keep a weary on any of the plants that may attract your children or any animals to eat them as some of them may be dangerous if ingested. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor space more now that you and your family are protected from pests.

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