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January 16, 2019

Budgeting Tips For A Realistic Retirement Savings

Check out our best budgeting tips perfect for setting up realistic retirement savings. Plan for the future now so you don't have stress later in life!

These budgeting tips for your retirement savings are because I believe everyone needs to not just work on their current finances, but also their future. Taking control of your finances now ensures you have a better future, but there are also some specific tasks you need to do to make sure you are making the most of your retirement savings funds. A few simple concepts can help you to easily save for not just the basics, but a great retirement with no financial worries.

Check out our best budgeting tips perfect for setting up realistic retirement savings. Plan for the future now so you don't have stress later in life!

Budgeting Tips For A Realistic Retirement Savings

Accept it is never too early to start saving. Many couples and individuals in their 20’s and 30’s feel like they are in no hurry to save for retirement. The new vehicle, fancy vacation and designer clothing are more important in the here and now, however the reality is it will take a significant amount of time to put away enough money to truly provide for yourself during retirement. That means savings should begin as soon as possible. Even a teenagers first job and first budget can include a portion of savings for the future.

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January 14, 2019

Cleaning Your Closet The Trend You Need To Try

Did you know that the process of cleaning your closet can save you money? Find out how and why this is the trend that you need to try.

I am sure by now you have seen people in your feed talking about Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is the process of holding your possessions and seeing if they bring you joy. If they don’t then you get rid of them.

What if I told you this method can help you live a debt free lifestyle. It can think about it if you held up every item you intended to buy and if it didn’t bring you joy you put it back. I will even take it a step further. If you completed my lesson on your big and scary goal in my post 3 Things My Husband Promised Me That Made All the Difference.

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January 11, 2019

Frugal Living Tips You Need When You Grocery Shop

Learn how you can save money when grocery shopping. Read my frugal living things tips that you need when you grocery shop.

You are in the store. You have no idea what you intend to buy. I should back that up a little. You wrote a list. You forgot the list. I do it all the time. I figured out a way to stop leaving the list at home.

The first thing you can do is make a list on your phone. You can install google drive and then open a document and write in there. Then as you get the items on your list you just delete your document.

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January 10, 2019

The Meal Plans You Need

Save money by planning your meals. See the meal plans that you need.

We are still talking about managing our debt so why are we talking about meal plans? Let me go back to my story. I had a goal it was to pay for prepaid college for my daughter. I didn’t have the $281.00 a month to do that. I cried.

I cried because it is hard to not be able to do for your children. I cried because I had agreed to be a stay at home mom and I didn’t have the ability to add to the income of our house. I cried because it was the first time I really wanted something and I couldn’t have it for our child.

Then I decided I can do this. I can use the money we had in a way that would allow me to provide for my child’s future. That is what I did. You can still follow my path and write out your budget. I suggest starting with this post >>> How to Save Money Using a Calendar

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January 8, 2019

Being Cheap Almost Kills Me

Find out why being cheap almost kills me

I hate being cheap. I promise you will not “die”. It may feel like it when your kids ask for something they really want that you could buy and you say no. It may feel like it when you want that juicy steak and instead order a hamburger. It may feel like it when your friends are going on fancy vacations and you are doing a stay vacation using hotel points and you brought your instant pot to be able to cook one meal a day in your room.

I dislike being frugal. It takes a lot of explanation to tell your kids. “no”. It often sucks to not have a new car. We spend a lot on car repairs each year but truthfully we pay a lot less than a new car would cost each year. I just never knew sacrifice could be so difficult. It is hard to tell our kids that isn’t in the budget when frankly, we have the money. It is hard to say we can’t go out to dinner this week because we spent a lot on groceries and that took up the majority of our weekly food budget.

I remember in times of hardship how good it feels to ask for the cash discount and know I actually have the cash to get a discount. I like knowing that if our washer breaks after we evaluate the cost to purchase a new one, verse repair cost, verse time already in use we could buy a new machine without giving up something else. I like being free!

This is how to live debt free you have to be all in. You can’t cheat. Think of this as your diet of a lifetime. If you are a cheater that is fine. I am a cheater. I build my cheating into our budget. I evaluate what we buy daily. Then when I make my yearly budget. I put in what I need to be happy. You will see what I spent last week and see I spent $54 for the gym and money on clothes. I like to shop so I actually have $100 a week in what I call fun money then I have another $100 for kid fun money a week. We didn’t always have $200 a week in unaccounted money but we do now. It works for us. You have to find your “cheat” amount.

This is how to live debt free you determine your cheat amount by figuring out your standard bills. Then you determine the amount you owe. You look at your income and determine the rate at which you will pay down your debt. The cheat amount I used to have was $25 for me and $25 for the kids. We were able to increase my cheat amount as our income rose and the debt we had was paid off. We have now paid off everything so my cheat amount is determined by how much we plan to save each month. We currently try to live on between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. The rest we place into accounts for emergencies, retirement, dental care like braces, a wedding fund, car fund, and a vacation fund. We are also saving for home improvements this year. We do not buy or do anything unless we have the cash to cover the expense.

You can create a simple spreadsheet like I have using Google Docs. I just put in what I spend daily and then what type of expense it is. Then I look at it based on my monthly goals to determine what I have left to spend. I do this each Sunday night on Wednesday I pay off my credit card. That is right I do it each week! That allows we to build up cash back rewards but not go over my budget.

You can read some tips I have for living on $30,000

You can set up your budget here >>> How to live without debt

What is your cheat amount?

How to Get Out of Debt Problems

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