Frugal Living Tips You Need When You Grocery Shop

Learn how you can save money when grocery shopping. Read my frugal living things tips that you need when you grocery shop.

You are in the store. You have no idea what you intend to buy. I should back that up a little. You wrote a list. You forgot the list. I do it all the time. I figured out a way to stop leaving the list at home.

The first thing you can do is make a list on your phone. You can install google drive and then open a document and write in there. Then as you get the items on your list you just delete your document.

The second way you can keep your list with you is to write it in your car. This is my grocery list printable. I put it in a sheet protector then I use a vis a vis pen,then I just mark off what I need and cross them out when I buy them.

I also suggest before you even step foot out of your house you look to see what you have on hand. Do not buy what you already have at home.

You know I suggested meal planning as one of the ultimate ways to save. You can read how I do it in this post The Meal Plans You Need. You can see a couple of wonderful meal plans for slow cookers, pressure cookers, and we even have a healthy meal option.

Gluten Free Pressure Cooker Meal Plan

Best Healthy Meals for Dinner

What I failed to say was pricing your ingredients is as important. When you have a monthly meal plan it allows you to pick up the meat you plan to use when it is on sale. You can freeze it if needed. I saw ground beef was 50% off so I made three meals that night using the ground beef, Chili Recipe for the Pressure Cooker, Gluten Free Pressure Cooker Spaghetti Gravy and Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken Tacos. I left out half of the sauce and chili I made for dinner that week and I froze the other half.

Frugal living tips at the grocery store:

Go to the area in the store where they mark down items. She what they have and if it is on your list, buy it. Then you want to look at the store flyer and see if there are items in it that match with what you need. I suggest being careful sometimes a sale prices isn’t as good as another option on the shelf. You should always review the cost per ounce. That will help you determine if it is a sale or not. It is acceptable to pull out a calculator to figure this out if it isn’t available. I would suggest keeping a record of good buy prices on items you buy most. This will help you determine what to spend.

If you are going to participate in promotions in the store to stock pile. I put a smaller basket in my basket so I can easily count that I have the required amount of items so that I can make sure I get my discount.

Real Advice Gal Tip for maximum savings- Is there an item you buy that is available in another format that is cheaper? I buy frozen juice concentrates they are usually $1.00- $1.40 and you just mix them with water. The Oj and Apple juice even when on sale are $2.00 and up. I know we go through a lot of orange juice each week usually 4 cartons. That would be $10 on sale but if you buy the concentrate that is $5.16 a week. If you multiply $4.84 that by 52 weeks you will save $258.32 even if you pay the $1.29. I usually find them on sale for $1.00 which would give you a savings of $6.00 multiplied by 52 weeks $312.00. This is the pitcher I use and love because you can keep stirring it.

What is your favorite saving tips for the grocery store?

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