Celebrate Motherhood with Dove

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Dear Mom, Mother, Ma Ma, Hero-

Are you there? Are you under that pile? The heap of laundry, sink with dirty dishes. Are you also trying to justify that the cost of electricity is why the vacuum hasn’t been run? You may also be going for the lived-in look.

Do you also scroll through social media for home improvement ideas knowing you have no real plans of improving your home until you get a handle on the taxis driving, homework help, cooking, cleaning, advice giving, refereeing, playroom debris, and most important when did they take a bath?

Do you know you aren’t alone? It may feel like you are the only one climbing the hill only to be pushed down it wearing roller skates. You haven’t skated in years, but here you go again and again the wind in your hair. You hope for a soft tree to slam into or a patch of grass. You know not every day is like this one, so you squeeze your eyes shut and repeat “They are only little once, and I love them but I wish I weren’t so excited that they learned to talk because I didn’t know how good I had it before.” You laugh because if they couldn’t talk, then you couldn’t hear your favorite words. The ones that mean the most “I Love you, mom.” You know no matter what they will always be the words that make your heart smile.

I reach for the phone often to check in with my army of mom friends. We are all in this battle together. The one where we try to balance our needs with theirs. The one where we try to make sure they have everything we did and more. The sleepless nights the guilt that washes over us only to be erased by your friends saying it happened to me, but it was much worse. The solace you find in knowing that you aren’t alone.

I want you to know this post is for you. It is your fight song your light at the end of the tunnel. It is your reminder that not only are you enough you are perfect just the way you are.
You see our hands are full but are our hearts are fuller.

We are filled with tasks and lists upon lists, but love isn’t the chore.

Our memory is fleeting, but the memories we make will sustain us through a lifetime.

We will lift one another up. We will drive one another’s kids. We will be the voice of reason when everyone else is not behaving reasonably. We will support one another, listen to one another, and encourage one another to try our best and some days are sitting in a closet hiding is not only reasonable but needed.

We will let one another know that our kids do not know what perfect is. They do not care. They have nothing to compare us to, and if they did, we would win. We will go into to battle together and enjoy the victory. We will celebrate, cry, and complain but above all we will march on.

To all the moms out there. You’ve got this! You are doing this. You can do this. You will do this. You deserve that moment to reconnect. You need that voice on the other line. You need to pamper yourself not just for “Mother’s Day” but on every day because let’s face it with you there isn’t order, plan, goals, a schedule.

I encourage you to pay it forward, call you a friend, offer support, an ear to listen, and positive word, share a story of your not so perfect moment. Let her know you care.

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I did just that for someone in my life I went to Rite Aid. I took advantage of their buy one get 50% off of Dove Products, and I made a fellow warrior a gift basket. I let her know she is valuable, instrumental, incredible, and all of that and a bag of chips.

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I decided to #ShareTheLoveWithDove because of their products. The shampoo and body wash makes you feel better, and they have superior moisturization benefits. Their product line starts with baby and end in diva.

“Dove starts my day by enveloping me in luxury at a price I can afford.”

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Let your mom friends know you not only appreciate her friendship but taking care of herself is essential. You can make your own Dove basket.

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