Wedding cakes: Chic and Cheap

Cheap Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is one of the best parts of the wedding. They can also be very expensive. We like cheap wedding cake ideas. There are a variety of tastes and flavor combinations. The wedding cake can be as simple or grand as the couple desires. They can range in cost from $20- $30,000+. It depends on who you hire, what you want, and the number of people you plan to serve. There are some cake designers that have wait lists longer than the most exclusive venues.

Cheap Wedding Cakes

I personally found a great way to have my cake design come in at $120 or $1 per person for my event was to head to my local grocery store. I know gasp. I had a designer dress, wedding on the beach at a resort and a grocery store cake. Do you know what no one knew or cared. They all said my cake was amazing. I bought my cake at the grocery store and I asked my florist to dress it up with flowers! It was yummy and it was so inexpensive.

There are plenty of other ways to save on your cake. The newest rage is cupcake cakes. Why have a big cake when you can have cupcakes? I have also seen a small cake on each table done in a theme. The best idea I have seen is a baker told me they make a mock cake for you out of styrofoam and then they ice it and decorate. The top shape is real cake and the rest isn’t. Then in the back they have sheets cakes to cut up. You can get a sheet cake for 100 people for $30- $50 at a whole sale club or you can even have someone you know make them. This is a really creative way to save money and no one knows but you and your checking account.

Wedding Cakes Chic and Cheap

Cheap Wedding Cakes

Here are some ides for trim

  1. Lace
  2. Flowers
  3. ribbon
  4. leaves
  5. rhinestones
  6. broaches
  7. jewelry
  8. fruit
  9. wood initials or images
  10. ornaments
  11. pictures
  12. chocolates
  13. cake pops
  14. marbles
  15. starfish

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