Wedding Souvenirs Under $10

Cheap Wedding Souvenirs

  The big day is coming, and the expenses are adding up. You have looked over your wedding checklist. You see you are still okay because you have the Free Printable Wedding Budget Checklist. You do not a way to thank your guest for coming and to remind them of your big days for days, months, and years to come. You need Wedding Souvenirs Under $10.

We all know how expensive weddings are so buying cheap wedding souvenirs for your guests that are fun and memorable is a plus.

I picked out some great wedding souvenirs for visitors and to buy any of them just click on the image. They are all well under $10.

Wedding Souvenirs Under $10

These cheap wedding souvenirs for your guests are fun and memorable without burning a hole in your wedding budget

Seeds for planting a garden since love grows at weddings.

Key rings because weddings are the key to someone’s heart.

bottle openers because everyone can use a drink

Spoons because you always need to stir the pot

bookmarks because a great book is a way to learn something new

measuring spoons because you always need to add in the right ingredients

Bags for trinkets or candy because nothing is sweeter

candles because the are the light of your life

Fans because it is hot and you must fan your love!


Pails for flowers or plants or candy. The plants and cactus are a new trend.

Mason jars that are personalized. They are cute and functional.

Spreading knife I mean why not spread the love around


Tea because everyone can use a nice cup of calming tea

Wine because once the wedding is over the real work gets done

Soaps because smelling great always makes you feel better.

Mirrors are a great reflection on a wonderful event

Candy because sweets make everything sweeter

Books because one needs a place to take notes

Keyboard Dusters these are just cute

coasters because you always need one of those

a picture frame to save a memory of the big event in

purse holders because you never know where to put yours at a party

Jars to hold glitter or dreams

Place card holders these make great recipe card holders

For the kids

coloring books for the kids

Wedding Souvenirs Under $10

  1. Personalized socks
  2. bags of popcorn
  3. personalized cookies
  4. Flip flops
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Chocolate
  7. Chocolate covered fruit like strawberries or apples
  8. Wine
  9. Olive oil
  10. Honey
  11. Essential Oils
  12. Balloons
  13. Letter opener
  14. Gift Cards
  15. Music Cds
  16. Luggage Tags
  17. Playing Cards
  18. Hot sauce
  19. hot chocolate
  20. cookies in a jar
  21. glow in the dar sticks
  22. salt and pepper shakers
  23. Mints
  24. Cup Holders
  25. Golf balls
  26. Bird Seed
  27. Shot glasses
  28. Lipgloss
  29. Suntan Lotion
  30. Towels
  31. Beach Bags
  32. Sun Visors
  33. Baseball Hats
  34. T-Shirts
  35. Flowers
  36. Canvas pictures
  37. Photo booth pictures
  38. bubble gum machine
  39. Gum packs
  40. Classic Candy
  41. Bags of smores
  42. Matchbooks
  43. Lollipops
  44. Pine cone fire starter
  45. Mugs
  46. Air freshers
  47. Jelly
  48. Clock
  49. Tiles
  50. Personalized Letter

The right wedding favor doesn’t have to be expensive to be both memorable and incredible.

What is your favorite wedding souvenir under $10?

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