“Class Of” T-shirt project

“Class of” T-shirt Project



My little girl is entering Kindergarten in just 2 short days, so I wanted to do a t-shirt project to help create some fun first day memories! I think this project is a great way to shake up the classic first day of school pictures each year. I’m looking forward to seeing my little girl grow into her Class of 2025 shirt over the years, until one day (gasp) she will be in a senior in Highschool wearing that same shirt she wore on her first day of Kindergarten!

Here is how to make this “Class of” T-shirt project:


Step 1- Gather your materials. You will need an oversized t-shirt (I got an extra large) in whatever color you would like, some iron on letters (again, in any color/style you would like) and an iron.


Step 2- Next you will want wash/dry your shirt and then iron your shirt on the “wool” setting of your iron. Make sure your shirt is free of any wrinkles.  Find a hard surface to do this one. (I used a piece of wood.)


Step 3- Next you will want to cut out and place your letters. Make sure you place them design side down! (otherwise you will have a big sticky mess on your iron, and no one wants that.)


Step 4- Once you have your letters placed where you want place a cloth (I used a washcloth) over your letters and press your iron over the letters for about 30 seconds. Repeat until you have done this for each letter.


Step 5- Turn your shirt inside out and Iron over your letters for about 1 minute, paying special attention to the corners.


Step 6- Let your letters cool (about 1 minute) and then carefully peel the backing off of it.


Step 7- Take a photo one your little ones first day of school in your t-shirt project every year until they graduate and enjoy the memories <3

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