Cooking with Kids – How to Series Part 2

Cooking with Kids – How to Series Part 2

Why and When: Cooking with Kids

As you start cooking with kids there will be moments when your child is not actively engaged and you need to be prepared with something for them to do while you work on the adult steps of the recipe.  This part of the series addresses why and when you have the children in the kitchen.  In those moments, then have them work on this list of cleanupCleaning up as you go is a very important step to teach children so they don’t create a hurricane kitchen mess that has to be cleaned up later- a job noone wants!

Why have your child in the room with you? So you can teach them, have quality time with them and protect them.  Learning to cook is a life skill that incorporates Science, Math, and Reading comprehension.   Whether you are homeschooling full time or part time (how I label parents who are involved after school hours!) cooking with kids provides an excellent teaching time and life skill.  Teaching them includes answering their questions.    If you have not had your children in the kitchen with you, then cooking with kids will allow opportunities to test your patience.  You need to answer the many questions that are sure to come.  If you don’t know the answer then look it up and even in doing so you will teach your child to seek out the answers needed! Online tools such as this conversion chart are great for printing and keeping handy while cooking with kids.   The questions may not be the only thing you need to be prepared for…my kitchen is super small.  I have to be careful not to trip over or bump into my children when they are with me in the kitchen so I have to be more aware of my surroundings and slow down a bit.  So, I can only have my children in the kitchen when they know what they are doing and or I am able to slow down my meal prep in order to accomodate them.

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Curious Chef 17 piece measure and prep kit 

Both you and your child should be acclimated to having one another around in the kitchen before you start cooking with kids!

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