Creative Kids Recipes: Jello Covered Pineapples

Creative Kids Recipes: Jello Covered Pineapples


I was thinking of some creative kids recipes today and stumbled across a really cute recipe on Pinterest, where you made a jello mold using a can of pineapples. I will be honest, that didn’t happen. And you know what? That is ok! This recipe still turned out to be super yummy. (if not a little messy)  Sometimes I need a reminder that I am not a perfect pinterest cook, and this was one of them! So I’m going to share the recipe with you, and hope you still like it, even if it isn’t perfect. All you need to make this recipe is a packet of your favorite jello and a can of pineapples!

Here is how to make my Creative Kids Recipes: Jello Covered Pineapples


Step 1: Make your jello according to package instructions. Open your can of pineapples and drain out all of the juice. Pour your jello mixture in the can of pineapples and put them in the fridge for a few hours.


Step 2: After your Jello has had time to firm up, take them out of the fridge and gently slide a knife around the sides of the can and pour the pineapples out. Serve cold and enjoy!

My little girl loved this recipe, and it can be a pretty healthy snack if you grab some sugar free jello!

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