Debt Advice You Can’t Live Without

Do you want to be in control of your finances? To be financially confident? Read the debt advice you can't live without.

Are you on pins and needles. I plan to tell you the truth about debt. It isn’t what you save. It is what you spend. You can save all day if you are spending like a faucet controlled by a two year old you will never get out of debt.

These are three ways you can stop spending right now:

1. Do things that are free here is my list of 100 things you can do to help others for free

When you help others you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you spend less.You also spend less when you are busy doing something that is free. Go to the park, take a family walk, or go some place and volunteer. One of my favorite places is the library.

2. Think about the actual cost involved before you say yes. You may have to say no to things that you want to do as you work on your debt. I received a great opportunity yesterday at first glance. It was an all expense paid trip to another state with food, hotel, and air fare. Then I looked at the opportunity cost and decided it would cost me money to attend. I would have to pay for child care and I would lose income by not working on my business. This morning I need to ask for my daily rate or I need to turn down the opportunity. The reason is simple my priority is my family so if the opportunity is benefiting my family then I have to pass.

3. Drink water in a refillable water bottle. If you look at your present expenses. You will see a lot of what you spend is on food. If you take the time to carry water and drink it you will be less inclined to snack or buy a drink at the store. You will actually feel better and look better because most of us are dehydrated when you drink water your wrinkles fill themselves in. That means you do not need all those fancy creams you just need water. Water is also necessary to lose weight. I drink a lot of water not because I want to lose weight but because I want to make sure I give it my best effort to stay healthy for my family and to control costs. You know being a healthy person is cheaper and raising healthy people who watch what you do and emulate it means the choices I make are not only for myself. >>> How drinking water can help you lose weight.

I shared yesterday my tip for managing my budget and how to track your expenses. Read How being cheap almost kills me. I hope you will share your debt advice.

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