Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales

This series on how to make the most out of the time you have with your children is brought to you by Amee at Madame Deals and Sharon at Mom on Dealz.

  We recently went to Disney Live show called Three Classic Fairy Tales. It was a huge event since it was our first. It was just like you imagined a production only Disney could imagine. I decided to make it a real royal event. I went to Amazon and bought my daughter the dress of her favorite Disney Princess Ariel costume. I bought the tickets for around $20 each. They were actually reasonable. We had seat is in the upper level but the view was great. When I purchased the tickets and the dress I knew I need trinkets for my special lady. I made a beeline for the Dollar Store. I grabbed a couple glow in the dark wands and some princess rings.

They had a lot of great stuff to buy at the event. You could even have pictures taken with the princess backdrop. We choose to pass on those opportunities. I was on a budget. I wanted to show my little girl the time of her life but I didn’t want to spend a lifetime paying for it. It is possible to attend this event on a budget. I was so pleased with the show. My daughter sat there mesmerized for the entire duration. She was so excited and clapped often. It was an event I would attend again.

When you create a memory it is important to think about the whole event. She received a royal costume which will fit here for another year or so. She had a royal performance. She then had a royal meal with a royal feast. You see I took her to the Wood Grill because she could eat as much dessert as she wanted. She was also FREE and my meal was $9.99.

It is important when making memories that you save up for the special events in your area. We do a lot of free or low-cost activities so we can stretch our budget farther. This was an event worth waiting for.