Ditch the Cable and Satellite- Budget Savings Tip 18

Today’s Budget Savings Tip: Ditch the Cable and Satellite

We have gotten so programmed into following the latest and greatest on television that we forget that we DON”T NEED it. Not only is Cable/Satellite a waste of time it drains our income ever month. We don’t notice the price steadily rising because they do it slowly hoping you won’t question the $2 this month or the $3 next month.

Don’t panic and think I am suggesting you sit in your home without any audio/video entertainment. I know I could not but there ARE other options. With Today’s Budget Savings Tip you can save thousands a year and have more time because you won’t be in front of the TV.

Once you decide you are going to Ditch the Cable and Satellite. You will want to decide what other services are there you can take advantage of. I have compiled a list based on your responses to a reader’s question yesterday.

  1. Netflix (Netflix offers a Streaming and DVD Rental Service) starts at $7.99 month.
  2. Amazon Prime Membership – allows you to watch hundreds of TV Shows and Movies for Free. (Annual Membership is only $79.)
  3. Hulu-(a free service online but not all shows are current episodes and you have to watch commercials)
  4. Hulu Plus(offers current TV shows for $7.99 a month but you still have to watch commercials)
  5. TV Network Websites-stream your favorite shows right from the networks website.(you may have to wait a week or two but you will be able to watch them for free.)
  6. Redbox Instant Streaming (enjoy 4 free DVD rentals a month and unlimited movie streaming for only $8)

If you don’t want to be stuck sitting in front of your computer or you want to watch TV as a family there are other options available. You can use one of the systems below to stream content to your TV via the methods above.

  1. Gaming System-Wii, PS3, and XBox 360
  2. Roku Box

If you want to make the complete disconnect but still have access to your local channels you can get an antenna and a digital converter box to hook up to your TV.

Before you switch be sure to make sure you have an adequate internet speed and that there is no monthly limit on how much data you can use.  Most home internet companies do not limit the data usage.

So follow Today’s Budget Savings Tip and be richer at the end of the year when you Ditch the Cable and Satellite.

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