DIY Shopping Cart Cover

Keep your baby – germ free with this DIY Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping carts have so many germs on them and you don’t want to leave the store with something that was not on your list. The perfect solution is a Shopping Cart Cover but the prices can be high and sometimes they are not easy to put in the cart. Create your own in about 30 minutes and when it is dirty just throw it in the washer.

Shopping Cart Cover


Shopping Cart Cover Materials Needed

2 sets of Large Snaps

Fleece Fabric 45″ x 56″

Sewing Scissors


Shopping Cart Cover Instructions

Note: The longer sides will cover the sides of the shopping cart from the front to back of the seat. The shorter sides will cover the front handlebar and the back of the seat.

Shopping Cart Cover – Phase One:

Lay out your fabric (nice side down) with the longest side going up and down. Face it like you were pushing the  cart.

Fold the fabric in half, keeping the material going up and down. (It will resemble a long rectangle).

Measure up 18 inches from the bottom (along the fold). Mark it with a pencil.

Measure out 2 inches towards the outside edge and mark.

Use this spot to measure, mark and cut an 8×8 inch square leg hole.

Flip over and repeat on other side.
Shopping Cart Cover – Phase Two:

Trim any rough or uneven edges from your fabric.

Lay it out flat and cut a 4×4 inch square out of each corner.

Go around every side of your fabric and cut out strips 4 inches long and 1 inch wide.

As you are cutting the strips cut a small slit in the top center of each one.

Once all the strips are cut and have a small slit you are ready to tie the strips.

Take the end of each strip and wrap it around itself. Pull the end thru the slit in the middle to create the knot.

Continue to do this with all the strips around the fabric.

**To Keep your Shopping Cart Cover in place on the cart–tie to of the strips together, thru the bars of the shopping cart.  or you can sew on some snaps or velcro.**


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