DIY Snowballs On A String Craft

DIY Snowballs On A String Craft

DIY snowball on a string winter craft

DIY Snowball on a string craft- If there is one thing I love about winter, it’s all the crafting opportunities! With all the holidays, weather changes, and time off from school, I need to bring some of the winter fun into my home. I think making your own winter decorations versus buying them is more fun and more cost effective! Your local dollar store is a treasure trove of fun crafts just ready to be made!

The DIY Snowball On a String craft I’m going to show you today cost me a whopping $3 to make, and it would be even cheaper if you had some of the supplies at home! I think this craft is perfect for your front door, or you can get even more festive and hang them from your ceiling (which I totally would have done if I didn’t have cats that would go nuts for them). Let’s check out how easy it is to make them:

Here is how to make my DIY Snowball On a String Craft:

snowball craft

You Will Need:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Needle and Thread
  • Snowflake Ornaments

Note- I got all of these things from the dollar tree! The ornaments came in a pack of 6!


snowball on a string craft

Step 1: You will tie one end of your thread (I would use white) to your snowflake. Now, I didn’t measure the length of my string, I just kind of guessed, but if you were working with an area that needed an exact measurement, then make sure you do that before you start.

snowball winter craft

Step 2:  Thread the other side of your string with a needle. Grab a cotton ball, and stick the needle through it. Push it through and slide it down the string. I spaced mine about an inch apart. Leave about 3 inches at the top for hanging purposes.

snowball caft

Step 3: Hang your new DIY Snowballs on a string craft from you door, your ceiling, or anywhere else you want!

How easy was that!? And I think it’s super adorable. And perfect for all winter long! I hope you enjoyed this craft! Happy Holidays!

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