Snowman Crafts for Kids

How To Make Snowman Crafts for Kids

How to make a snowman craft


What I love about winter coming is decorating for the holidays. However, after Christmas, decorations get put away and my house seems boring and plain. Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that I can’t bring some fun to my house. Winter brings snow so why not add some snowmen to my house. No, I am not bringing in snowmen from the outside. Instead I figured a Snowman Crafts for Kids that I can keep indoors. This craft is simple and inexpensive to make, so I can create a whole snowman family to help me enjoy the best of winter while staying warm inside. 

Snowman Crafts for Kids


Glass Goblet (Choose any shape and size. I bought mine at the Dollar Store.)

White Spray Paint (make sure to get one that can spray on glass)

Large Googly Eyes

Felt, Button, or Decoration for nose.

Piece of Ribbon, Fleece, printed material or old scarf

Black Felt, Buttons or Sharpie for Mouth

Hot Glue or Craft Glue

Instructions For Snowman Crafts for Kids:

Use glass cleaner and a dry cloth to make sure Goblet is clean of dust, fingerprints, price tags.

Cover outside of goblet, stem and base with even coat of white spray paint.

Leave to dry for several hours.

Once the paint is dry, use hot glue or craft glue to affix eyes and nose to the front of the goblet.

If using felt – cut out circles. Glue pieces for mouth  to goblet.

How to make a snowman 1

Tie ribbon or old scarf around the stem of the glass. You can cut into a smaller piece if it is too long.

Place a tea light candle inside.

Light for a romantic glow.

This craft is super fun to make and looks cute on any mantel. Create several and make a snowman family or share with your friends so they can enjoy a snowman while staying warm inside.

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