Dyson Airwrap Dupes

We’ve all seen those envy-inducing curls and waves on social media, and chances are, the Dyson Airwrap has made an appearance. It’s like the superhero of hairstyling tools, making your hair dreams come true. Now, let’s keep it real – not everyone’s got the cash to drop on the Dyson magic wand. Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back with some amazing and budget-friendly alternatives with our list of Dyson Airwrap Dupe. Get ready to unleash your inner curl queen without breaking the bank!

What is Dyson Airwrap?

dyson airwrap

Using air to style your hair, the Dyson Airwrap creates flawless curls and waves without the need for extreme heat, which I think is its biggest edge over other hair stylers. With a range of attachments, you can easily create beautiful hairstyles just like having it done in a salon with a hairstylist. The downside? It comes with a very steep price tag! 

Why the Dyson Airwrap Rocks:

  1. Gentle on Your Locks: Say goodbye to heat damage! The Dyson Airwrap uses air, keeping your hair healthy and happy.
  2. Versatility is Key: From tight curls to voluminous waves, this tool can do it all. The interchangeable barrels and brushes make styling a breeze.
  3. Effortless Styling: The Coanda effect (aerodynamic phenomenon) does the hard work for you, wrapping your hair around the barrel without any tricky maneuvers. It’s like magic in action!

The Best Dyson Airwrap Dupes

The Best Dyson Airwrap Dupes

Style your hair without the hefty price tag with the ultimate Dyson Airwrap dupes – the perfect gift for getting fab hair without breaking the bank!

Alrighty, take note! These Dyson Airwrap Dupes might not have the exact tech wizardry as the original, but guess what? They still get the job done! And here’s the sweet part – they won’t drain your wallet dry. Treat yourself and maybe grab a few extras for your family and friends – because these are such great gift ideas for women who love to style their hair!



This automatic curling iron comes with tangle-free tech that gently pulls your hair into the curl chamber. There, it gets a little pampering – timed, held, and heated just right for that perfect curl.

This curling wizard lets you pick from 3 preset curl types – whether you’re feeling defined, loose, or wavy vibes. And here’s the kicker – you get to choose from 3 curl directions too! Go left, go right, or mix it up with alternating curls.

Now, let’s talk heat – 5 settings to be exact! No matter your hair type, this magical wand’s got your back with temperatures ranging from 300°F to 410°F.

CHI Spin N Curl Ceramic Rotating Curler

CHI Spin N Curl Ceramic Rotating Curler  

This 1-inch Ceramic Rotating Barrel is like a magic wand that gives flawless curls and waves, especially ideal for those rocking shoulder-length hair between 6 to 16 inches.

For those with fine hair, the Low setting at 370°F is the go-to. Medium-haired folks, you’re in the Medium zone at 390°F. And for the coarse-haired champs, crank it up to High at 410°F – because your curls deserve nothing but the best.

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

Your go-to gadget for effortless curls or waves, no strings attached! Literally. This high-performance curler is not just cordless, it’s rechargeable too. Charge it up overnight before the first dazzling use, and you’ve got a whopping 60 minutes of cord-free curling freedom.

This curler comes with an LCD digital display showing off the heat, timer, battery level, and even the curl direction. With 3 heat and 4 timer settings, you’ve got the power to go from tight curls to loose waves. Plus, it’s got your back with an auto-off feature – shuts down after 15 minutes of chill time, just in case you forget.

It fits right into your handbag or gym bag, ensuring beauty on the go. Charging is a breeze with the included USB charger and 2 lithium-ion batteries.

ELLA BELLA® Automatic Rotating Curling Iron

ELLA BELLA® Automatic Rotating Curling Iron

This auto hair wizard is easy to use and comes with its accurate temperature control displayed right at your fingertips.

Just press a button, and voilà, instant curls that last! It’s a match for all hair lengths, whether you’re rocking long locks or flaunting short and sassy vibes.

With the digital display, you can pick the exact temperature that suits your unique hair type, ranging from a gentle 180°F to a sizzling 410°F. It comes armed with innovative ceramic technology, protecting your hair from the evils of heat damage.

REVLON One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

This powerhouse features an upgraded barrel with a new 2.4″ size, offering enhanced styling variety, precise volume, and smoothness. The Titanium Max technology ensures speedy drying and styling while minimizing heat damage. The unique vent pattern efficiently distributes airflow for consistent coverage.

This hot air brush is designed with a non-detachable oval brush for a single-pass, creating gorgeous volume and shine. Nylon Pin and Tufted Bristles provide detangling, improved volume, and control. With 3 Heat/Speed Settings and a Cool Option, plus Ionic Technology, it’s a game-changer for achieving salon-worthy results while being gentle on your hair.

Revamp Progloss Hollywood Automatic Curling Iron

Revamp Progloss Hollywood Automatic Curling Iron

This smart curling iron boasts a 1-inch ceramic barrel with a tangle-free rotating system, creating flawless curls and waves in a snap. Packed with Progloss super-smooth oils like keratin, argan, and coconut, it ensures added shine and hydration for a smooth finish.

The automatic rotating system effortlessly wraps hair, and with a touch of a button, you can switch curl directions. With ultra-fast digital heat (170ºC-210ºC), it’s ready to style in seconds.

The thoughtful design includes a LED indicator, easy power button, a 9’ rotating cable, 30 min auto-shutoff, and 3 temperature settings for all hair types.

peech Automatic Curling Iron – Hair Curler Automatic Rotating Wand

Peech Automatic Curling Iron – Hair Curler Automatic Rotating Wand

An ultimate automatic hair curler with a 1.25-inch advanced ceramic barrel that effortlessly crafts bouncy curls! Dual buttons give you the power to curl in both directions, providing maximum styling flexibility for a trendy blowout or loose beach waves.
This fast-rotating wand heats up in just 30 seconds, saving you time and wrist strain. It’s a frizz-fighting hero with long-lasting, professional results suitable for all hair types.

The tangle-free and anti-scald design ensures safety and ease of use, while adjustable temperature settings (340°F–410°F) and timers create perfect curls without the damage. With auto shut-off in 30 mins, dual voltage, and a 360 swivel cord.

Beachwaver S1.25 Rotating Curling Iron

Beachwaver S1.25 Rotating Curling Iron

A rotating curling iron featuring a 5.5″ barrel and a 1.25″ width, this ceramic wonder delivers salon-quality curls and waves with just a touch of a button. Whether you’re into curling, waving, or adding volume, it’s your go-to for styling all hair types in minutes!

Now that you know the secrets of curl power on a budget, go ahead and rock those fabulous curls without emptying your wallet. Happy styling!


BEST DYSON AIRWRAP DUPE: Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System

Meet the Shark FlexStyle – a powerhouse in the hair game and the closest dupe to the Dyson Airwrap. It’s not as cheap as the other items in this list but this Air Styling & Drying System is not your average hair tool; it’s a multi-styler extraordinaire.

With the ability to rotate from a powerful hair dryer to a versatile styling wand, it offers a range of attachments, including auto-wrap curlers, a curl-defining diffuser, oval brush, and concentrator.

This compact yet mighty tool gives you the freedom to curl, volumize, smooth, and dry without the worry of heat damage. Just like the Dyson airwrap it uses Coanda Technology, the 1.25″ auto-wrap curlers effortlessly wrap, curl, and set in different directions. The oval brush, with a mix of boar and nylon bristles, adds volume and smoothness with powerful airflow.

Though it may not be the cheapest on the block, the Shark FlexStyle brings power, speed, and versatility for all hair types, making it a top contender in the styling game.

REVLON One Step™ Blowout Curls

BEST PRICE:  REVLON One-Step™ Blowout Curls

A time-saver for drying and styling in one step! Featuring a 1 ¼” triple ceramic-coated barrel, it smooths, adds shine, and kicks frizz to the curb while giving you gorgeous curls.

The 360° vented barrel ensures even air distribution, being kinder to your hair than plated heat. With 4 heat settings (low, medium, high, and cool), you can find the perfect temp for your hair type.

Easy to handle with a cool tip, sleek handle, and a 6’ swivel cord, it also comes with a root-drying concentrator to speed up drying. Plus, it’s travel-ready – the detachable barrel locks in place and is easy to pack, making it a space-saving must-have for your on-the-go style needs.

T3 AireBrush Hair Dryer Brush

T3 AireBrush Hair Dryer Brush

This comes with an interchangeable design featuring a 2.5” Round Brush and a 3” Paddle Brush, providing complete styling flexibility from sky-high volume to smooth and sleek styles.

With T3 IonFlow Technology, you can effortlessly transition from smooth and sleek to bouncy and wavy with a simple brush swap. The built-in ion generator and smart microchip deliver a consistent, ion-enriched airstream and digitally controlled heat, ensuring frizz-free, shiny results with less damage.

With 15 heat and speed combinations, allowing for personalized styling. Opt for the round brush attachment for bold, voluminous looks or the paddle brush attachment to stretch, smooth coily hair, and polish straight, wavy, or curly hair types. With SmoothGrip Bristles for optimal control and a CeraGloss ceramic surface for added shine.


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