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Easy Website for Business


I would like to get honest. I have six websites. They are all WordPress sites. I currently pay people to handle the design and the hosting each month and it is several hundred dollars. I have never done my site layout. I am scared to touch anything on my current sites because they are so complex, and my new one isn’t. The old ones have themes, widgets, custom code. I still to this day meaning since 2009 am unable to make changes to my site. That is why when I heard about iPage I decided to try it out. I want an Easy Website Business so I tried it out for two reasons:

1) I wanted to see if I could build a working website.

2) I wanted to see if the website could do what I needed it to do for less than my grande chai latte.

This is how I got started building my website:

Easy Website for Business

Easy Website for Business

1) You obviously need a domain name. I would buy the .com and the .net. If they do not have both, then that isn’t the domain name for you. I would search on the internet before buying your Go Daddy domain to make sure you like it. I also checked out my competitors.   My blogging tip is for you to check out iPage’s free domain with hosting. The will help you make an easy website for business.

2) When picking out your domain name make sure you can get a version of it on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google + to name a few.


2) Then buy your hosting using iPage. I picked iPage because of its cost, levels of support, and the services they offer you.

This is what I did. I signed up for my hosting. I went to iPages. I logged in. I then went to the Weebly site design builder. I dragged and dropped everything. I built the site in 30 minutes. It would have taken less, but I was grabbing data off of another site and cutting and pasting it into the new one.

Before you begin your new site design think of the six tabs, you will need.

I always suggest thinking about what is it you want people to use your site to accomplish? What is it you are trying to get people to do on your site?

I have a cooking site, so I want people to be able to contact me, find my recipes, and then items I want to sell. I just built a dance site. They wanted a contact tab, information, schedule, payment, class description tabs. Do not worry you can change the tab names any time.

Once you have created your site, you can forward over all the domain names. I buy several that are close to the one I own. It is just easier. I even buy ones that aren’t spelled correctly etc.

The only thing between you and your own business website is buying iPage. I make a full-time income on my site. Aren’t you ready to take a chance on yourself and invest a couple of bucks into your dream?

iPage has a variety of options and tools to create a great website:

A variety of site-builders, including Impress.ly, Weebly, and WordPress
Free domain name registration
A free security suite with business verification, malware scanning, and network scanning within a highly-secured data center
Marketing tools to help you spread the word about your website: $100 Google AdWords credit, $100 Yahoo/Bing credit, free YP.com listing, and more!

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Easy Website for Business

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iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance

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