Why Does Telling Your Child No Hurts

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Florida Prepaid College Board, but all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m happy to share our experience because believe that education is the greatest gift that we can give our children and we can prepare for our children’s future through prepaid college.

Education is important and it's the best gift that we can give our children.

Do you remember the time you really wanted something? You had your heart set. It was that thing you needed, wanted, thought about. If you didn’t get it, you feared you might lose a limb. I have a daughter, and she had one of those “things.” It controlled every thought she had. She put it in every sentence she could. It would appear on TV, and she would scream for me to see it. The problem was I couldn’t afford it.

I said, “No.” I at first said, “Not now.” That became “Mommy, when?” Then it moved to, “Is today the day?” I finally had to say, “No.” I never thought the word, “No” would hurt so much. It does when it looks like a three-year-old with bright eyes who wants something so bad they can’t imagine anything worse than not having it. “No” hurts worse than stubbing your toe or jamming your finger in a door, it breaks your heart when you have to say it to your child.

I had to stick to my plan. I had to close my eyes to the glitter, glamour, and extra for one very important reason. It was to be one of one of the best things I would do for my child. I can say to this day it is one of our greatest accomplishments as parents. We are in our forties, and we have three kids. We have three kids that have their college paid for! Yes! We are done! They aren’t even Freshman in highschool, and we are done! Happy dance! What does prepaid college mean for us?

1) Our kids will have 4 years of college.
2) Our kids will not have debt.
3) We will not have to struggle to pay for college.
4) We will not have to worry about how our kids will pay for college.
5) We will not have to work at jobs we hate to pay for school.
6) We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by buying low.
7) We have our money working for us.
8) We know that Florida Prepaid college was our best chance at making sure we gave our children the start they deserved into adulthood.

It hurt to say no to a lot of things over the years, but I can proudly say that my kids have the most important thing and that is their education paid for. There is no greater gift and no greater tool for success than education.

Why am I sharing this now? Why? I just heard that Florida Prepaid College Foundation is offering you a chance to win two years of school paid for. How exciting is that! That would mean you would save 50% on your child’s college. The choice is now for you to take control and sign up for prepaid college. It is the best thing to say “Yes” because telling your kid “NO” when they ask about college is something you can prevent.

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