Family Activities to Warm up Your Winter

Are your children climbing the walls?This bitter cold weather has left little opportunity for children to play outside and get the wiggles out! Below you will find ideas to keep the children entertained and bring some warmth back into their minds! This post is brought to you by our partners Studio One Networks.

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7 Ways to Warm up Your Winter

By the editors of Your Family Today for Your Family Today

When it’s cold and gray outside, doesn’t it seem like your whole family’s mood turns to slush? Well, it’s not just your imagination … and it’s not just you. Studies show that one out of four people suffer from the winter doldrums, a very real phenomenon that starts in September or October and runs until March. You can’t change the weather, but if you bring in some summer fun, you’ll see how fast your family’s blah mood turns bright and sunny again. Here, five indoor activities that will warm things up this winter:

Paint on the sun Tired of seeing nothing but snow? For a better view, paint a summer scene right on your window using a mixture of about 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and 1/2 tablespoon of tempera paint. (Note: This paint comes off easily with a damp paper towel. Test a small area to make sure there is no damage to the windows.) 

Catch a wave Put the kids in bathing suits, gather some favorite pool toys and send them for a “swim” in the tub! Don’t forget to have the beach towels on hand to dry them off.

Have a beach party Pull out the tiki torches and beach umbrellas and serve your favorite summer foods, like fruit salad, hot dogs and chocolate cream pie. Tell your guests to raid their summer wardrobes and show up in shorts and T-shirts.

Hit a hole in one Clear the biggest room in your house and set up a mini golf course. (Pick up any area rugs so nobody trips.) Take empty cans or containers and lay them on their sides to create golf holes. Poke holes in the tops and plant homemade flags in them. Feel free to make the game challenging by adding obstacles. Make clubs for everyone by attaching empty juice boxes to dowels or sticks.

Go on safari Parents, prepare to take your little ones on an African safari. Gather stuffed animals — zebras, giraffes and lions — and place them on chairs, beds and floors. Make other safari animals and scenery out of construction paper and tape them to the walls. Or draw a landscape on butcher’s paper. Decorate a few rooms in your home to resemble some animal habitats, using your creativity and a little help from your local craft store. Last but not least, dress your kids in adventure clothing (including binoculars) and narrate an African safari. Let your imagination run wild!

Plan a picnic Pull out a blanket, lay it down in the kitchen or living room, and have a picnic dinner in the “park.” Pack up a basket with sandwiches or fried chicken, macaroni and potato salad, and cold drinks. For dessert: brownies or homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Take in a flick Hold a festival at home. Buy movie-candy favorites, pop some popcorn and settle in for some rented classic summer blockbusters. Here are some of the highest-grossing summer movies of all time along with their release dates: Jaws (June 20, 1975), E.T. (June 11, 1982), Star Wars (May 25, 1977), Raiders of the Lost Ark (June 12, 1981), Forrest Gump (July 6, 1994), The Lion King (June 15, 1994) and any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.