Fashion Under 10 Dollars

Fashion Under 10 Dollars

Fashion Under 10 Dollars

I am a lover of all things fashionable. I do however have a limited budget but I do not want to look like I took a nose dive in the bargain bin. I try each week to find one or two items for under ten dollars to add to my collection. This fashion Friday is all about Fashion Under 10 dollars.

I decided to take on accessories. They are hot these days and they can be pricey. I do love companies like Chole + Isabel they offer wonderful jewelry at affordable prices. I was curious could I find jewelry that was on trend in a big box store? If I did what would I find? Then would I be able to tell the difference?

Fashion under 10 dollars

The answer surprised me. I was able to find on trend jewelry at Walmart. I did pay a lot less than $10 a pair of earrings. You do get what you pay for. I have been eyeing these great earrings by my favorite designer Kate Spade they are on trend and they are a great green color. I found a pair that was the same look not the same quality for less than 10% of the price.

The question to me becomes do you pay for quality? The answer is yes for some things and no for others. The earrings at $2.88 a pair if I wear them a couple of times then they have paid for themselves. They are for fun. Read more of my Fashion Tips on How to Accessorize for less

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