Felt Craft Projects: DIY Felt Phone Case

Felt Craft Projects

DIY Felt Phone Case

Felt Phone Case


I am always looking for fun Felt Craft Projects to do with my daughter, and so when I asked her what project we should do next she told me she wanted me to do a DIY Felt Phone Case! A monster phone case, to be specific. I had been telling her that my phone slips out of my hand a lot because of how slippery it is, so that is why she suggested I make a phone case made of felt. Smart girl right!? This project cost me $1 to make, and took about 15 mins! I love DIY projects because you can really personalize them however you want! You could make this DIY Felt Phone Case in different colors, faces, or even a whole different theme using this base tutorial! I hope you enjoy! 

Felt Craft Projects

Here is what you will need to make this DIY Felt Phone Case:


  • 3 pieces of felt in your color choices. (I found these for $0.20 each at Walmart!)
  • A needle/thread
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun/ glue
  • sharpie

Here are the steps to make this DIY Felt Phone Case:


Step 1: Measure the phone you will be using the case for. You will want to add 1″ for seam allowance.



Step 2: Next, cut 2 pieces of felt using the measurements you got from your phone. For your front flap, cut about 1/2 an inch off the top so it will make it easier to pull your phone out.



Step 3: Next, sew around your phone case. starting from one top corner and sewing to the other side. I used 3 different stitches to go along with my “Monster” look. You could hand sew this, or break out the sewing machine!



Step 4: Make sure your stitches are secure, and that your phone fits into your case!



Step 5: This is the most fun part! Now you get to decorate your case! You could do faces, designs, letters, or anything else you can dream up! All you need are some scissors and a hot glue gun and you’re in business!

What kind of Felt Craft Projects would you make?