How to Get Rich In 5 Minutes a Day

How to get rich in 5 minutes a day

I know we all hear of the “get rich” schemes. We all eventually hope to “get rich“. We hope to be at a point in our lives where we do not wait for anything. The place that we feel happy. We have become a society that equates that with monetary riches. get rich

How to get rich in 5 minutes a day

I gave  you my how to save up money tips. I also shared with you tips on living on 30,000 or less. I  showed you frugal ways to get out of Debts. I didn’t really give you the tools you need to get rich in five minutes a day.  I will do so now.

  • Determine your ultimate goal!
  • The first thing you need to do is believe in yourself. You need to tell yourself that you are smart enough and good enough. There are enough people in the world who will challenge who you are. It is your job to be committed to being your own personal cheerleader. It is with confidence that we make progress.
  • Read something that interests you and will move you closer to your goal. Take a moment everyday to become more educated on something that will help you achieve your goal.
  • Do not compare your awesome to someone else.
  • Define what rich means to you. I mean really think about it. I define rich as having what we need and being able to plan for our future and we are also able to help others. I do not define rich as us having a Rolls Royce because that isn’t something I am likely to obtain and I am not sure having one would really add richness to my life. Well, not the same richness as being able tell my children that if they study hard and get into college we have already saved for it and they will not have to take out loans for under graduate. That means more to me than the Rolex watch I have wanted for ten years and still do not have.
  • Set a purpose for your day find something that brings you meaning. The purpose I had for yesterday was to read three chapters in a book without pictures. It makes me happy to read and I was going to make time in my day to read a book. Time is a treasure that we never get back.
  • Take time to share your gift or passion. It will reward you with pride. I sit with my kids everyday and help them with something. I love seeing the smile on their face. If you do not have children help a neighbor or community member. We all have something we can teach someone else.
  • The final bit of advice I can offer is do not define richness as money. I believe being rich is appreciating what you have. Thinking about everything that makes you fortunate. I am rich because I have a family, a husband, an education, and a job that I love. I can read and learn. I get to meet new people and I have the ability to help others. I am rich because I believe every person is valuable and every person has something to contribute. I know one of my gifts has always been reminding people that they are also good enough, valuable, and successful.

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