Halloween Mummy Spinach Bread Dip

Halloween Mummy Spinach Bread Dip Recipe

spinach bread dip

Are you planning on cooking up some yummy recipes for Halloween and the coming holidays?

I decided to recreate their Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip recipe. I love thisĀ spinach bread dip recipe. I think it was so easy to create and tasted so amazing. I found the instructions were easy to follow. I added extra vegetables to my version to make it more nutritious. I try to sneak in vegetables anywhere I can and the peppers are great to add to the dip. I also used a wheat thin cracker. I am trying to watch what I eat so I used the low calorie ranch dressing and the light sour cream. You couldn’t tell the difference my husband had no idea. He ate almost half of the dip buy himself.

Spinach dip

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