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What Healthy Dog Treats Can My Dog Eat From the Kitchen?

healthy dog treats

It is inevitable that your dog or dogs end up staring at you while you are cooking in the kitchen. I even have mine watch enviously from the hallway while we are eating. This can always prove a bit complex as you try to decipher what your canine friend(s) can eat and what is just not good for him. Some people adhere to a stick policy of “NO” table scraps but some of my favorite dog treat recipes use what we refer to as “people” food. This easy list will help you make that tough decision and your dog(s) will think they hit the big time. 

Healthy Dog Treats From Your Kitchen

Healthy dog treats

  1. Cheese- An easy snack for your dog(s) and  is considered safe for almost all dogs. However, a small percentage of dogs are lactose intolerant so you will want to start with a small sampling the first time and make sure he/she does not have a reaction. Some good choices are low or reduced fat varieties. Cottage Cheese is a favorite of my dogs when they need a little extra TLC. It is easily mixed in their dry food and they feel extra special.
  2. Cooked Chicken – This is a perfect solution for a sick tummy but is also a great way to add protein to their diet. You can also cook up some if you run out of dog food. Be careful to remove the skin and bones before serving.
  3. Pumpkin. You can mix pumpkin in the their dog food or add it to some Chicken and Green Beans to create a delicious entree that will help their GI tract stay regular. This is perfect for alleviating constipation or diarrhea in dogs.
  4. Green Beans and Baby Carrots. Even your dog(s) need their vegetables. Raw baby carrots are a perfect crunchy treat that are good for their teeth. Green beans are filling and low in calories so you don’t have to worry about them gaining pounds when they snack on these treats. Make sure when using canned or frozen options to pick ones with no salt added or rinse them very well.
  5. Sliced Apples. Munching on apples will clean tarter off their teeth and freshen up their breathe. Plus apples are a good source of fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You need to make sure the seeds and core are removed before feeding to dogs because these can be harmful and dangerous to their health.
  6. Oatmeal. Use this to bake your own Healthy Dog Treats or cook it up to help keep your dog regular. This is a great option for dogs who are allergic or sensitive to wheat. Do not add sugar or additives to the oatmeal when serving.
  7. Eggs. Scramble them up for a tasty way to add protein to your dogs’ diet. You can also use them in baking healthy dog treats.
  8. Yogurt. Provide them with an excellent source of calcium and protein. Use it to create  delicious Frozen Healthy Dog Treats or mixed in with some oats to create aGluten Free Dog Treats.
  9. Salmon. You can serve your dog delicious salmon treats several ways. Use salmon oil to their food, serve cooked salmon at a meal, or let them nosh on your unwanted fish skins. Salmon is full of Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for their coat.
  10. Peanut Butter. This tasty treat sends my dogs in a frenzy whenever we make a PB&J at our house. It is a great treat to put in a hollow bone, Kong, or other stuffable dog chew. Placing the item in the freezer for a few hours will extend the time they get to enjoy this delicious treat. You can also use it when making your own dog treats and disguising pills when they are sick.

These Healthy Dog Treats are perfect solutions when you don’t want to pay for Store Bought Treats.

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