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Animal Abuse – A Deadly Problem in Your Own Neighborhood

This is a picture of the emaciated female dog that was brought to my home on Tuesday. I couldn’t post sooner because I was so angry, I didn’t know what might come out. This little girl is named Vayda and she was rescued from a home in Detroit, MI. Vayda is a prime example of the animal abuse that goes on everyday in homes across the country. Vayda is around 1 years old and has been used for breeding not once but twice.

When the rescue I foster with posted her information on their Facebook page, Tuesday morning. I didn’t respond right away because I was in shock. I also wasn’t sure if my husband would kill me if I brought another dog in. The count in our house was 5 foster puppies (born last week), 2 foster dogs, 3 dogs(ours), 2 cats (ours), a fish, hamster, and a snake. I couldn’t believe the outpouring of support that came in on the Facebook page for this sweet girl. The woman who rescued her whisked her off to the vet and then we all sat, prayed and waited.

While I was waiting I couldn’t imagine this poor little girl not having a soft place to lay her head down and offered up our home for a temporary foster until a permanent foster could be found. Then I asked my husband. He took one look at her and said yes.

Vayda a victim of animal abuse was left to starve because they wanted puppies.

Everyone couldn’t believe it when we found out that the vet said she did not need to stay. He said she was underweight, anemic, had an elevated white blood cell count and a double ear infection but other than that she was free of parasites, fleas, an other illness. When I got this news I was in the process of transferring the new puppies and their momma to a new bed (a baby swimming pool with blankets) because I did not want a repeat of Monday night, when we lost a 2nd pup. I was still cleaning out the other dog bed when Vayda arrived at my house.

The picture didn’t do justice this poor abused animal had suffered. She was just bones with skin on them but her personality shone thru her eyes. She reminded me of all the pictures you see of animals that have been tortured or died at the hands of animal abuse. For being a victim of animal abuse she was trusting. I spent the next 12 hours feeding her small amounts of food every 2 hours and was amazed each time that she showed no aggression. She quickly settled into her bed (fully stocked with a pile of blankets for comfort.)

The rescue did have someone come forward to foster her long-term but by Wednesday night, I couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving. I just needed to know she was okay. It was that same “mommy” feeling that let her sleep on my Ashley Sleep Pillow and that lifted her into our bed because she couldn’t jump in. That same drive is what kept me up for almost 48 hours making sure she was fed. I actually rejoiced when she had a nice healthy bowel movement, on my dining room floor, because I knew that meant everything was working the way it was supposed to.

I spoke with the rescue director today and it was decided she could stay here to get well and await her Fur-Ever Home. I did have to make a concession and another foster is taking our little Penelope (another Foster we have who is in great health).

The thing that we have taken away the most from this is the concern my daughter showed Vayda. Although, she didn’t understand how someone could do that to her. She kept going to her and letting her know that it was going to be okay. Today, Vayda is a little more comfortable but her road to recovery is going to be long. She has to learn how to trust again, accept love, learn that food will always be there, and learn how to be a furry family member.

Although she is a victim of animal abuse, Vayda is one of the lucky ones. She was rescued by Home Fur-Ever Rescue and they will give her the treatment she needs and make sure her Forever Home is one of safety and security. By being a foster parent, I am only one tiny part in the whole scheme that will get Vayda Happy and Healthy.

You can follow Vayda’s recovery from animal abuse on her Caring Page

and on Home Fur-Ever’s Facebook Page.


I urge everyone to report any suspected animal abuse and take the time to search for your next Furry Friend. Don’t shop pet stores or backyard breeders instead check the local rescue groups in your area. To find a list of adoptable dogs in your area and local rescues check out Petfinder.

This is Vayda and our Momma Dog-Coral (another foster who was abandoned at 2 months pregnant)

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