Hidden Pet Dangers During the Holidays

Protect Your Pet From These Hidden Pet Dangers

Keep your pets safe from these Holiday Hidden Pet Dangers

The holidays are a time of fun for everyone but they can pose some serious dangers for your pets. Take a minute to make yourself aware of the hidden pet dangers so you aren’t dealing with an accident this holiday season. 

5 Hidden Pet Dangers

1. Holiday Plants– Although they look harmless, poinsettias, pine needles, holly and mistletoe are very dangerous to a pet and can make them very ill. If your pet consumes these items it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, lethargy and other harmful side effects. Sometimes the consumption of these items can lead to death. If at all possible avoid bringing these items into your home. If they are in your home make sure to keep them out of the reach of pets.

2. Leftovers and Holiday Meals- It is hard to enjoy a holiday meal without feeling a little guilty for Fido but not everything on the table is safe for them to eat. Keep them away from leftovers and anything that is thrown in the garbage. That turkey bone that looks innocent can become a choking hazard very fast. Read our list of What Not To Feed Your Pet to find out if something is safe for your dog to eat.

3. Holiday Ornaments and Decorations – These pretty baubles are beautiful to look at to us but our pets see shiny new play things. However,these pose very serious risks if your pet decides to practice their chewing techniques on ornaments, light strands or even the endless tinsel and garland decorating the tree. Pieces can end up trapped in the mouth, stomach and intestines and lead to emergency surgery. Make sure your pet is supervised around these items or in a separate room when you cannot watch them.

4. Candles and Holiday Lights – These bring a beautiful glow and smells to our holiday gathering but they also attract the attention of our pets. A cat or an excited dog can easily knock over a lit candle, burning themselves or even causing a house fire. Lights make appealing chew toys and can electrocute your pet and cause lacerations or even death.  Make sure all lights are grounded and check the cords frequently to make sure your pets are not chewing on them.

5. Visitors – Although your friends and family seem safe for your pets they often do not know your household rules or the little things your pets try to get away with. If your pet likes to sneak out the door, beg for food, or has some other little trick he pulls, make sure to let guests know. Always make sure your pet is secured when visitors are coming so they can’t escape outside. Tell guests up front to now feed your pets so you can be aware of what they are consuming. You don’t want to spend Christmas Eve at the Emergency Vet because a well meaning guest fed your pet something they should not eat. If you are worried that your guests won’t listen, keep your pets in a separate room where they are safe to wait out your holiday gathering.

You can keep your pet safe from these Holiday Hidden Pet Dangers with a little preparation and planning. Remember your pets are family also and need to be kept just as safe.

This is not a complete list of hidden pet dangers and just because an item is not listed here does not mean it is safe. If you have any questions regarding if something is safe for your dog you should check with your veterinarian. 


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