Holiday Shopping on a Budget

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

   I will tell you a big huge secret every year my husband doesn’t buy me any presents. I mean none. Yet, I get amazing gifts. I bet you are thinking why are they still married? Is he a thief? Does he re-gift? How does she get awesome presents from her favorite stores? Does he have a job she doesn’t know about? How does he take the money he has and make it work for him? How does he get her trips and the finer things in life without spending a dollar?


   I have led you on long enough and I want you to know how brilliant my husband is since his brilliant idea is not only available to you but it can be copied by you. The secret is he has a Chase credit card with Ultimate Rewards. He puts everything on the card. He pays off the card. He only spends what he has. Then guess what he gets points towards everything I want. I am a girl that likes trips and presents and I am married to a guy that doesn’t like to spend money on frivolous things. It is a win for both parties.  

   He used to use cards that gave points towards flights to earn our yearly trip. We were always met with blackout dates and flights that didn’t match our work schedule. It was horrible and we spent more time trying to figure out how to book the trip then on the trip. That is why I like the easy to follow formula that Chase Ultimate Rewards offers. If you earn 2000 points you get $20. That $20 bucks can be used to pay toward your bill or you can use it for stores that you already shop at. They will send you a physical gift card or you can shop online to make your rewards dollar go even further. Then if you use your credit card with Ultimate Rewardsto shop online in their portal you can accrue even greater rewards. They over different percentages or money back amounts.

   I like that the portal tells you what you need to do to earn more points. Then they offer suggestions based on your current spending to find you great deals on travel and goods and services. I know right now you are doing a lot of holiday spending. You have to buy everyone a gift. I am telling you now is the perfect time to think about how you can reward yourself for something you already have to do. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation? How about getting that gift you want but Santa can’t afford it?

   We write a lot of posts about how to live your dreams on the money you already have. I can tell you that each year I get something that we couldn’t afford if we didn’t use our Chase credit card with Ultimate Rewards. It is our way of saving money for something special by living our life the way we have to “within the budget.“ offers you the ability to track your spending and your rewards. It will allow you to make responsible decisions and you can dream bigger and work toward your reward. It is easy to use and understand. This is a tool to help you do more with less.

   So how can you take advantage of Ultimate Rewards? It’s available to Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cardholders. When you use any of these cards, you earn points that you can redeem for travel, experiences, merchandise, gift cards and even cash back. Visit to learn more about the program and the card that’s best for you.

I will let you know what big gift Santa Chase brings me this year.

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