Homemade Cakes- Budget Savings Tip 19

Today’s Budget Savings Tip: Create Special Homemade Cakes

I have been working on installing Budget Savings Tip with my children so that they grow up to be savers instead of spenders. I wish I could report it has been met with great joy but instead every shopping trip is a constant battle over why I refuse to buy things. The latest event was when I was grocery shopping Friday and my daughter asked for one of those beautiful cakes at the bakery. I asked the price and when I was told $30 for a 1/4 sheet cake. Well this mom cannot be guilt tripped even over birthday cakes. We did compromise and decided we would decorate our own cake.

I am not a cake decorator and I have even taken a cake decorating class. My daughter headed right to her toy box and presented me with 10 Littlest Pet Shop and 3 accessories. Last night we baked a yummy strawberry box mix and frosted it this morning. When my husband took my daughter to swimming lessons this morning, I took to decorating. I had made a simple 9×13 so my space was limited. This is what I came up with.



This was the birthday cake when it was finished. I will admit it is not a bakery cake but my daughter said she would pick my cake over the bakery cake any day. The best part was it only cost $3.00. The cake mix was $1.00, frosting $1.25, and the sprinkle sugar was $0.75.

So before you spend money on another bakery birthday cake remember today’s budget savings tip and make your own Homemade Cake. Because once it is gone no one will remember what it looked like.

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