Homemaking Tips: Let’s Do This….Rust or Shine?

Let’s Do This….Rust or Shine?

I know that it seems like one of the hardest things to get rid of is rust. The worst spot for me is the ledge in the shower, however recently I have spotted some in my stainless steel kitchen sink.

I looked everywhere for remedies to get rid of rust, and the only thing I came across was lemon juice and salt. Basically you sprinkle the salt over the rust and then squirt (or squeeze if you bought or have fresh lemons) the lemon juice over the rust and let sit for a few minutes then scrub. It is said that it should come right off.

Of course though I did not have lemons or lemon juice, so I opted for another method that I tried purely because I was determined to get rid of the rust with the things I currently had in my house. Keep in mind though, I have seen quite a few people use bleach to clean the stains but this will not work. Bleach actually sets the rust stain in preventing you from further cleaning it off.

With that said, I looked through my cleaning cabinet and what seemed the most likely to attempt to clean it was Comet with Bleach. It was the cleaning powder that you sprinkle and use a sponge to clean it off. I was hesitant to use this because of the bleach in it, but I finally decided that either it would clean it off or it would be like it currently was forever. In my sink, I sprinkled the Comet over the rust stains and let sit for 3-5 minutes. I then took a sponge and wet it with water making sure not to get the Comet wet. I then scrubbed the entire sink concentrating on the rust stain. After scrubbing a bit, I rinsed completely and the stain was completely gone. I did the same for the shower ledge, which was a harder stain took a few times of scrubbing and resprinkling, but it came clean too.

Rust is not the easiest thing to get clean, but it definitely is possible! The best way to avoid rust stains is to make sure you dry your sink and shower ledges completely first before leaving things in them.

Hope this helps. =)

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