How to Clean Stainless Steel

How to clean Stainless Steel

For those of us with Stainless Steel appliances and furniture, we know how much of a pain it can be to keep it looking fresh and new. Follow these tips as you attempt to get rid of streaks, spots, handprints  and more, and you’ll figure out how to clean a stainless steel surface in no time!

How to Clean Stainless Steel

Here are some tips on how to clean Stainless Steel:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Put a dab of EVOO on a soft cloth and wipe it on. Your stainless steel appliances will look amazing, and there is little work involved!

2.Go with the Grain- Whenever you clean Stainless Steel always make sure you go with the grain, not against it, this will help with streaks.

3. Use a microfiber cloth- Using a microfiber cloth is the best thing to use for stainless steel. It is soft enough to prevent streaks, and strong enough to get the messes off! You can get a really great deal on Amazon for a good microfiber cloth right now:

4. Windex- We all know that Windex is great for streaks on windows and countertops, and the same goes for stainless steel! I personally love using the Windex Wipes on my fridge (and basically everywhere else haha)

5.Olive Oil- Wiping down your stainless steel fridge with olive oil will remove streaks and also help hide scratches and increase the shine. Just make sure you wipe off all the excess oil after cleaning.

6. Vinegar Solutions- Use 3/4 Vinegar and 1/4 water in a spray bottle and use it just like any other spray cleaner. This is a cleaning solution that a lot of commercial restaurants use in their kitchens. you can also make a better smelling solution you can add essential oils to your spray! (Lavender smells great in it!)

7. Pledge Multi Surface- This is my absolute favorite cleaning product for practically every surface in my home, and it works great for stainless steel as well!

8. Murphy’s Oil Soap- I know it sounds crazy, but it works wonders! Just mix it with a little warm water and give it a whirl! Make sure to go over it with warm water and it will sparkle like new!

There you have it, how to clean Stainless Steel (and not break the bank, or your back, doing it!)

How to Clean Stainless Steel

All of these ways I have listed have been tested and proved, but make sure you  figure out which one best suits your needs and tastes. Also make  sure to check with your  personal fridge manual before any cleaning to avoid application of any  materials that may be hazardous to your fridge. What other tips have you found works well for cleaning stainless steel?

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