How to Budget Monthly Finances Wisely

How to Budget Monthly

How to Budget Monthly

How to Budget Monthly Finances

One of the most important parts of living on less is thinking like a business person. Come up with a business plan for your business. Your family and your life is YOUR business. Treat it that way. The secret is to Plan, Plan, Plan.

You gave yourself a tight budget, now make it work. Go on a money saving diet, learn how to budget monthly finances wisely. Not one that help you lose weight (unless you count that mountain of debt you are carrying around). Do you or your partner eat fast food for lunch with friends on work breaks? That is at least $10. If you cut out your lunch outings for a month and simply packed a PB&J with carrots, chips, and a drink you could potentially save yourself $200 a month ($10 a day for 4 weeks of Monday through Friday). Your food expenses are a huge part if your budget. Can you imagine the chucks of debt your could eliminate with just that small bit of planning and sacrifice?

To live on $30,000 a year, you must be debt free and live within (or below) your means. Make a meal plan and stick to it. Sacrifice a Sunday afternoon to meal prep. Could Monday be a crockpot meal and Tuesday leftovers? Could Wednesday could be “brinner” (breakfast dinner)? Thursday could be soup and sandwich night and Friday could be make your own pizza night. Saturday could be pasta and Sunday a casserole. All inexpensive and easy to prep. All can be done healthy, filling, and made to any taste. Also, all can be prepare well in advance. If you are unorganized, it will always lead to making poor financial decisions. If you plan a bit in advance, you will almost never have to impulse buy or spend out of necessity. Proper forethought and planning is one of the biggest tools can you utilize to trim the fat out of your budget and gain more time. As the old saying goes, “Time is money”. Time is the real commodity here. Remember when you were young and foolish with your money? You want to do the planning now so that 10 years from now you aren’t saying that about the money you are wasting today. Plan on a future that doesn’t live in the regret of not making the choices and sacrifices now that could make life everything you want it to be 10 years from now.

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How to Budget Monthly

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