How to make Crayon Canvas Art

How to make Crayon Canvas Art



If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, why not try this crayon canvas art? It’s a super easy project to do and what kid doesn’t like to make a little mess? I found this project on Pinterest and there are a million different ways you can do this project, but I decided to keep it simple for my first try. My little girl loved helping me with this project, and it only costs about $8 to make! I found the canvas at Wal*mart for $4!

Here is how to make this Crayon Canvas Art:



Step 1- Gather your supplies! First you will need 1 canvas, 64 crayons (any brand), super glue and a hair dryer. I also recommend getting a trash bag to lay down because you might splatter some  wax.



Step 2- Pick your color scheme and glue down your crayons. I went with the “rainbow” color scheme for my crayon canvas art and started gluing the crayons point side down on the top of my canvas.



Step 3- Glue all crayons and make sure they are even. It took me about 55 of the crayons to cover my small canvas, it might take more or less depending on what size canvas you bought.



Step 4- Start blow drying your crayons! From left to right start blow drying your crayons on the high heat and LOW blow setting. If you set it to high you will get wax everywhere, trust me. Just when the wax starts to melt, move to the next color.



Step 5- Continue to heat until all crayons have melted. Keep melting your crayons until you have a pretty pattern. Make sure not to melt past the paper, it will make a mess and the crayons won’t look as pretty.



Step 6- Let dry, and display! It only takes about 5 minutes for this project to dry, and it looks super cute hung up in your home, office, or you could even make this a great teacher’s gift!

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