How to Make Fabric Flower Necklace

How to Make Fabric Flower Necklace

diy fabric necklace

Do you love doing crafts? I do and one of my favorite projects to do is to make Fabric Flower Necklace. It’s a super easy project and makes great gifts for friends and my daughter’s friends too.

Here’s How to Make Fabric Flower Necklace


diy fabric necklace

These items were used to make the large flower on the necklace.

diy fabric necklace

I changed out the bead type but the rest was used.

You will need

16 inches of beads

a closure

beading wire

fabric (I used quilt squares)

1 yard of fabric would make it go faster to make the rosette.


Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks


fabric flowers

Take the end of the fabric and fold it over. The fabric should be 1/2 in width. Then glue the ends together.

Then cut the strip out. You are going to wrap the fabric around itself. You will fold the fabric toward the center. Then apply glue and repeat.

You can watch the video below or check out this post for more visual explanations.

fabric flower


fabric necklace

Tutorial on how to make fabric flowers…

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