How to Make a Baby Diaper Wreath

How to Make a Baby Diaper Wreath

Learn how to make a baby diaper wreath

I was recently invited to a baby shower and I was thinking of what baby shower gift to bring, I want to give them something memorable and of course pratical and looks nice. Since I’m crafty, I decided to make a personalized baby shower gift using diapers because we all know they will need tons of diapers. The result turned out to be super cute so I wanted to share with you my super easy tutorial on how to make a baby diaper wreath. The wreath that I made is for a baby shower gift for a boy, but the great thing is you can just alter the design if you want to make it for a girl or make it a neutral gender baby shower gift. This can also be used as baby shower decoration.

How to Make a Baby Diaper Wreath


Diapers newborn size
Ribbons to tie down the toys, diapers, and make a final bow
I bought 4 spools of ribbon
rubber bands
wreath frame you can buy it at Michael’s or Kmart
Gift items for the baby
bottle, spoons, bibs, wash cloths, socks, teether, toys etc

Here’s how to make a baby diaper wreath

How to Make a Baby Diaper Wreath

The first thing you want to do is set out your supplies. Then you want to roll the diapers. Next you will need to rubber band on the diapers to keep them in places as you decorate the wreath.

The wreath with the diapers all need to be laid out prior to adding anything else.

How to Make a Baby Diaper Wreath

Once I have the wreath completed then I did the ribbons. I woven the ribbons over and under the diapers. Then I laid out all the items I was going to use on the wreath.

I put on the large bow first and then I worked around the wreath with the items that I am gifting to the new mom. I then look at my design and I begin to secure the items with the ribbons. Once you have secured all the gifts then pick up your wreath and make sure it looks great. I also shake mine a couple of times to make sure everything stays in place.

Diaper wreath for boys


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