How to Save Thousands on Virginia’s Community Colleges: Get a skill, Get a job, Get ahead (G3)

This post was sponsored by Virginia’s G3 Funding as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Virginia’s Community Colleges: Get a skill, Get a job, Get ahead (G3) #VirginiaG3 #G3 #ad

What do an engineer, teacher, nurse, pharmacist tech, hairstylist, and college baseball coach have in common? No idea?  Oh, let me give you another clue. They all have degrees and certifications in their field. So, you ask? They paid less, and they got more for their money. They did so by starting their journey by attending community college, and you should sign up too.

Community college is the path to success.

How to Save Thousands on Virginia’s Community Colleges: Get a skill, Get a job, Get ahead (G3)  #VirginiaG3 #G3 #ad

What if I told you that some Virginia residents could get a skill, get a job, and get ahead for less using the G3 tuition assistance program.

How? If your family earns less than $100,000 a year, a program is available to help ease the financial burdens of a quality education. You can start college as early as January. The G3 Tuition Assistance program provides eligible Virginia residents funding and access to higher education programs for Virginia’s most in-demand industries. It is available at all 23 of Virginia’s Community Colleges; G3 funding is a “last dollar” program that covers the remaining balance of eligible students’ tuition costs after state and federal aid is factored in. If a student is eligible for G3, this program covers the rest of their expenses – bringing tuition down to $0. Additionally, the most in-need students may also qualify for additional money to help pay for books, fees, and outside costs like transportation and childcare.

You can use G3 Tuition Assistance for training and educational programs for Virginia’s most in-demand industries: Healthcare, IT, Early Childhood Education, Skilled Trades, and Public Safety.

Get a skill, get a job, and get ahead with the G3 tuition assistance program for eligible Virginia residents.

I asked myself as a parent: Do I want my son to have thousands of dollars of debt? Do I want him to have to make decisions based on crippling student loan debt for up to fifteen years after he graduates? No! Do I want him to miss out on the opportunity to provide for himself and his family in the future? That is a big “NO” with sprinkles, claps, and a dance. That is why we are considering Virginia’s Community Colleges.

I posted on social media asking people if they had any feedback on why he should attend one of Virginia’s Community Colleges. This was their feedback on choosing Virginia’s Community Colleges for themselves or their children.

  1. The cost to attend and the quality of the instructors was my primary consideration. My instructors were from the local university, and I received substantial value for my money. (My teacher wasn’t a professor somewhere else, but they had been in their field for years, and their knowledge was worth more than gold to me.)
  2. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be, so I explored different career opportunities without wasting thousands of dollars. I got my requirements out of the way while I determined my career.
  3. They have technical trade certifications, vocational programs, and job placement. I knew I wanted to have my own service repair business, so this was the best path.
  4.  If a student wants to transfer to a state university, they are guaranteed university enrollment with a state college AA if they have the proper GPA.
  5. They wanted to continue their education, but they just weren’t ready for a four-year school.
  6. He had some health concerns, so he wanted to be local and have personal attention at the community college.
  7. You can limit the cost of your education by spreading it out. The G3 program can help make Virginia’s Community Colleges even more affordable.
  8. They offer smaller class sizes which allow for differentiated instruction for a more engaging experience.
  9. There are more interactions with the instructors and cohorts.
  10.  Virginia’s Community Colleges offer evening classes, weekends, and multiple sessions of the same course. You can work around your life.
  11. They are located in the community and use community resources to improve the learner’s experience.
  12.  There are various aged students and a very diverse population to learn from and with.
  13.  You can live at home or where you want to live, and you aren’t forced into expensive housing.
  14.  You can keep the job you’re already established in and learn while earning.
  15.  They offer classes to support learning deficits. You know I love this as a Special Education teacher.
  16.  The course they offer is equivalent to that of a four-year college.
  17.  Many of the instructors are lifelong learners/ educators who often work in other careers. They can better connect what you are learning and working on in the field.
  18.  They offer Adult Education programs like the (GED).
  19.  They have workforce training with many options to get you skills for a job quickly.
  20.  You are not forced to buy meal plans, live in expensive housing, and you can have a car.
Take advantage of the G3 Tuition Assistance of VirginiaG3Program. Get a skill, get a job, and get ahead for less with G3 tuition assistance.
#VirginiaG3 #G3 #ad

Benefits I never thought about:

G3 funding program can help make Virginia’s Community Colleges an excellent opportunity.

They do not require a standardized test for admittance.

They accept a diverse group of students, not just those with high grades. I know that grades aren’t always an indicator of performance at the next level. Grades have a lot to do with content, instructor, and maturity. I have seen students excel when their learning place is changed. I believe that there is educational coursework for every student. Community colleges have incredible options that provide a pathway so students can provide for themselves.

It is the perfect place to restart with a new career. This is the experience of a friend of mine. “I attended a typical four-year school after high school. Later, I returned to Virginia’s Community Colleges (Spent 10k) and graduated at 40. I make more money now with a two-year degree than I did with my four-year double major with a minor degree that cost over $60k.”

One of my favorite reasons to consider community college in Virginia is mirrored in my friend’s example, “One of us went to a traditional college, and one of us went to Virginia’s Community College, first. When the kids look at our diplomas on the wall, I tell them they don’t know which one first went to a four-year college.”  Note: They both have identical diplomas, but hers was cheaper.

The best reason to attend is:” You are not just a number.”

Classes begin in January with rolling admissions. There is flexibility in when and where you start. Virginia has 23 Community Colleges and the variety and flexibility of program options: weekday, weeknight, and weekend courses and accelerated and prolonged programs.

Take note that G3 funding is only available for Virginia residents who are eligible for state aid.

We know with G3 Tuition Assistance, higher education in Virginia has never been more affordable.

The question is, do you want to save thousands?