How To Potty Train Your Dog

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Do you want to potty train your dog? Read my tips on how to train your dog to potty outside by using a bell.

I hear bells, and I couldn’t be happier. That means there will not be a puddle. We have a puppy. We love our puppy. The children have dreamed of this puppy for years, and now she is here. That is why it was so important to teach our puppy how to go potty outside.

I forgot the following things when we got a puppy.

1. They are a lot like babies, and they are learning non-stop.
2. They do not sleep at night.
3. They chew everything.
4. They need help learning the rules.
5. You can’t leave them home alone for a very long time.

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Having Amazon Prime allows me more time to focus helping my pet learn all the skills she will need to stay safe and happy. She is learning to sit, stay, release, heel, roll over, lay down and potty training.

She even rings a bell to let us know she needs to potty.

How to Train a Dog to Go Potty Outside

1. Establish a feeding schedule

2. Determine how much she needs to eat and drink and when.

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3. Notice how long after your puppy or dog eats that they need to go to the bathroom.

4. Get treats, leash, timer, shoes, and a bell the dog can reach.

5. Give your puppy or dog access to water.

6. It depends on your puppy or dog potty schedule but plan to set your timer for 15 minutes after your puppy/ drinks water.

7. When the timer goes off put on your shoes, grab the leash, find the puppy and put the puppy on the leash.

8. Tap the puppy’s nose on the bell and say outside.

9. Give the puppy or dog a piece of a treat after the bell is rung.

10. Place the puppy or dog outside.

11. If the puppy or dog goes potty, give them the rest of the treat and pet them and say good job potty outside (something to let them know the action you want them to take and positive praise).

12. You will need to repeat this process every time you take your dog or puppy outside. They will need help ringing the bell for a week or so until they understand what ringing the bell does.

The puppy or dog will begin to realize it means outside. They will know that outside is fun, and they will ask to go out. They do not get the other half of the treat unless they go to the bathroom outside.

You will begin to stop giving the treat once they master the bell. Then you reward them just half a treat for actually going to the bathroom. I reward for all potty and then I only reward for only poop. Once your dog or puppy can ring the bell and go potty, then you start rewarding every couple of times with a treat. You should continue verbal praise each time until the puppy or dog is accident-free.

The best part of training a dog to go potty outside is that having a bell allows you to go to new places without worrying about them going potty inside. If you do travel, then I would start over again with the bell on the door. The ringing of the bell with their nose and the treat. You can do so a couple of times until they ring the bell themselves. I have had great success helping my dog using this method.

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How to use Amazon Subscribe & Save

How to buy Purina on Amazon Subscribe & Save

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Have a happy puppy by giving them food they will love. Plus, read my tips on how to effectively train your dog to potty outside.