Inn and Spa at Loretto Santa Fe

Inn and Spa at Loretto Santa Fe

The Inn at Loretto provided me with a two night stay so I can tell you if this is the place for a girl’s weekend or if you should go someone where else. The Inn is located

in Santa Fe, New Mexico the Inn and Spa at Loretto Santa Fe reflects the culture and sophistication of its historic setting.

If you’re heading to Inn at Loretto, I have a great offer to share because I found out that they give 20% off in the spa and restaurant to all people who sign up here.

Inn and Spa at Loretto

I really can’t say enough about the staff and the resort. Our rooms are spacious and the food is amazing. If that wasn’t enough the massage I had was the best massage I have ever had. If all of those reasons  wasn’t enough of a reason to try out the Inn at Loretto let me continue to tell you about my stay.

The Inn at Loretto is centrally located. We were able to get to every place we needed to get to by foot. We did have a car and we did drive to dinner but that was a choice we could have walked. The Inn was lovely and authentic. You can get to the Inn by flying into either Albuquerque or Santa Fe. The shuttle from Albuquerque was just $28 or $44 round trip. The shuttle from Santa Fe is just $15. I unfortunately had a huge problem with United Airlines and had to drive from Denver which is about 5.5 hours. I finally got to the Inn and I went to my room. I was so happy to have arrived and my bed was just perfect.

  I couldn’t have been more pleased. That was until I came down for breakfast. The menu options were superior. I am a breakfast gal and I seriously contemplated just picking one of everything and not moving until I tasted everything. I decided I was going to figure out how to replicate my breakfast items since they were so good. These are images of my friends and my actual mouth watering meals.

  Then to make my life even better I walked to the front desk and began asking the staff about the activities in the area. They were extremely helpful and got out the map to circle all of the wonderful things to do. Josephine gave us water to ward off the dry weather. Then we made dinner reservations with Carol at Martine for the evening. The dinner which was amazing but not inexpensive. We had a day of activities so we walked around Santa Fe which was charming. Then we hurried back to the Inn at Loretto for the best spa treatment of my life. I had a salt scrub treatment and then a massage. I swear I didn’t want it to end and honestly I have never been more relaxed.

    We had such a wonderful stay at the Inn at Loretto that we chose to come back each night after dinner and hang out in our room. We watched tv and the latest movie. We had a wonderful time and I would suggest the Inn at Loretto for your next trip. It is a great place to have a girl’s weekend or a romantic trip with the person you love. I even found time to take the free yoga class that was offered by the Inn. There is something for everyone and I could have stayed forever if my family was with me.  Do not forget to check for a discount. I am sure if you called the helpful staff would tell you if there was one available. I would sign up for their legacy club since you receive 20% off the spa and there isn’t a better coupon out there then one that lets you relax for less.

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