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Velata is Chocolate and Cheese Fondue for you


 Velata Chocolate Review

Fondue is fun and tasty but the thought of adding a new kitchen appliance to my already overflowing cupboards is not an option.I also don’t see the point in lugging out a huge fondue pot just for a quick chocolate or cheese fondue treat. That is why I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try out Velata’s warmer with milk chocolate.

My children were just as excited as I was and they didn’t complain when we went to the store to pick out all our dipping items. The chocolate comes in microwavable pouches which only take 1-2 minutes to melt. You then pour the chocolate out a spout into the silicone bowl of the warmer. The spout reseals so if you only want to use a portion of the chocolate you can. Each warmer comes with 4 fondue forks but my children decided that fingers worked faster but I found the fork helped me have restraint. The bowl can be refrigerated and microwave. Velata sells lids so you can safely store them in the refrigerator.

You won’t be bored with the same Chocolate flavors because Velata offers a range of Mixables to take your chocolate to the next level. The mixable packets pour right into the chocolate. Stir with the spatula and you have created a delectable masterpiece.

If Chocolate is not your thing and you are craving something savory, Velata has you covered with their Cheese Fondue.  Available in 4 flavors these cheeses are perfect for creating a fondue appetizer or a late night snack.

The Velata warmer works with a 25 watt lightbulb so there are no open flames. With a dimmer switch you control how hot you want it to stay. Available in 3 designs and an assortment of colors you are sure to find the one that goes with your decor. It is also small and stylish so you won’t worry about trying to hide it away.

Get your Chocolate and Cheese Fondue on with Velata!

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