LaceLocker Review

LaceLocker Review


I was asked to have my kids try the Lacelocker out. I will admit that I took the LaceLocker and put it on my shoes. I did so because no matter how many times I tie my shoes during pump, body blitz, 20/20/20 or whatever torture I show up for my shoes come untied. I enjoy tying them because I get a break but I need to worry more about my safety and one untied lace = a fall on my face.

I was impressed with the ease of use. The installed in less than 30 seconds. They allow for easy access. They are fashionable since they come in variety of patterns and can be customized for your needs.  I was more impressed that they worked. I went to fitball today and I didn’t have to stop once because of my shoe laces. I decided to let my children try as well. They are always running around with shoes that are untied.

lacelocker (This is my shoe. The rest of me was draped over a fitness ball while being asked to lift my leg from the hip. The good news is my shoes remained tied.)

What is also really cool is you can buy these as a fundraiser for your business, team, or school. They are really cool and functional. I love that I no longer have to worry about tripping on my own laces or having the instructor point at my shoe for the 6th time during class. It really is embarrassing and dangerous to have your shoes come untied. I can’t double knot them because I can never get them unknotted. I also hate double knotting my kid’s shoes because they can’t untie them either.

LaceLocker® fits any laced shoe. You don’t have to change or alter your laces and the device is light weight and not made of plastic. Laces do not flop around and it’s washable.

LaceLocker Instructions

These a great investment since they are reasonable priced and they work. I mean they really work. I am buying one pair for each of my children and my husband and myself. I mean nothing is worse than an injury that you could prevent and exercising with laces that come untied is a disaster waiting to happen.

Get yours now! Lacelocker

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