Weight Loss Motivational Quotes

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Weight Loss Motivational Quotes

Weight Loss Motivational Quotes

Weight Loss Motivational Quotes: What happens when you lose 36 pounds…

It’s been 66 days since I started my weight loss journey and along with the loss of pounds I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons as well as reach certain milestones along the way. While we tend to focus on the number on the scales as a measure of success I’ve come to realize that there is more to the number rather it’s all about the whole process; the transformation.

As I began to think about the journey and what it has taken in the past 66 days to get where I am and be excited about continuing the journey and making it a lifelong lifestyle change I began to make a list of “ahh haa” moments along the way thus far. Some of the items may seem trivial while others a big deal. For me, they are all a big deal and I celebrate each one as a small victory against the demon of food addiction and the sweetness of the success I have had so far. I find that making lists is a great way to visualize or keep track of the significant parts of the journey; I hope my list will inspire you to make a change in your lifestyle. Living a positive life filled with great health, great friends, family and a desire to make a difference has become a priority for me and as a result I have made some pretty awesome discoveries.

What happens when you lose 36 pounds?

Here are my personal Weight Loss Motivational Quotes

  • I’ve had to move my seat closer to the steering wheel. Imagine my surprise when my leg began to hurt while driving one afternoon. I realized that I was farther from the steering wheel and the gas pedal because there was not as much of “me” to get in the way. Moving my seat closer to the steering wheel was not only pretty awesome but a great reminder that I must continue on the journey.
  • I can cross my legs! Imagine my surprise when I sat down in a chair and could cross my legs without struggle.
  • I’ve had to buy new clothes including under garments. It’s always a treat to buy something new but having to buy new clothes because of successful weight loss is just fantastic.
  • I ran a foot race with my students on the playground and WON! One student told me that I cheated because I never win; look out preschoolers Ms. Karla is ready to run.
  • My skin is clear and blemish free. Good food, exercise and lots of water work wonders on the skin.
  • I sleep soundly and feel refreshed when I wake up each morning.
  • I no longer say that I “can’t have” certain things to eat; I realize I don’t want the bad stuff.
  • A preschooler fits better in my lap; there’s simply more room.
  • I can sleep closer to my husband at night.
  • I can zip up my coat!
  • I have taken 144 pounds of pressure off of my knees! (every 1 pound of weight lost equals 4 pounds of pressure)

As the journey continues, I am looking forward to even more discoveries. As the number on the scales continues to decline I am excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. Look out world, K2 is on the move.


Be inspired to lose weight now! Hope you like Karla’s Weight Loss Motivational Quotes.

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