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Landmark Resort Myrtle Beach SC



The Landmark Resort is located oceanfront, giving guests easy access to the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but it also has many outdoor and seasonal indoor pool options. The water park is the perfect spot for warm weather fun for the whole family but the resort also offers a seasonally enclosed indoor pool area, including a 300 foot lazy river ride, a kiddie pool and separate kiddie lazy river, and five whirlpools. All guests can also appreciate the safe access the resort provides over busy Ocean Boulevard with its covered crosswalk, as well as the delicious food served at its restaurant. The Landmark Resort offers all the pool options, as well as free access to a nine-hole mini-golf course, when guests book one of its comfortable, affordable rooms.

Myrtle Beach Review

The Landmark Resort

I was asked to visit Myrtle Beach with my family to provide you with the reality of traveling with three children. I currently reside in Virginia and the 7 hour drive was daunting at first. I got the car organized and loaded in the kids with the promise that I would enjoy Myrtle Beach. It is after all a family vacation spot. The drive was pleasant thanks to a great lunch and DVD players and a couple of travel games like the travel desk for kids.

landmark hotel review

We arrived at the hotel and were greeted Immediately by Lea at the front desk. Everyone during the entire stay from the cleaning staff to the pool staff said, “Hello”. You can tell that customer service is stressed at the Landmark Resort. I enjoyed being able to pull my car up and taking my luggage to our suite. I was a bit confused by the fact that our rom was on the outside of the hotel. I believe that had to do with three kids in a car for 7 hours more than my lack of intelligence. We opened our door to our room and were pleasantly surprised by the room. It was spacious and clean. It had one tub and two toilets which is very helpful with three children. The only flaw is the couch isn’t a pull out. I luckily have short children so one slept on the couch without issue. I realized I failed to take pictures of the room. I think that was a result of the kids squealing with delight and throwing all their stuff down, peeling off their clothes, and dragging me to the indoor pool under the hotel. You can’t take pictures of a messy room. You can see how messy the kids made the room in the pictures below but that is part of vacation living in the moment. There was ample storage and we each unpacked our clothes into the provided drawers.

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I really enjoyed having the kitchen. It was nice to be able to cook my meals and save money. There was a full size table which as you can tell had a big screen TV above.

I thought I would share my shopping list with you so if you’re lucky enough to stay here you would pick these items up at the store

Paper towels

Paper plates



Plastic silverware (4 pieces of silverware are provided)


We made eggs, pancakes, bacon for breakfast. Then for lunch we had sandwiches and chips with fruit. We went out for dinner but next time I am bringing my crockpot because then we could spend more time enjoying the beach.

I also appreciated that Food Lion is in walking distance of the hotel if you do not have a car. They do have a garage and a covered walkway across the road so that makes staying at this hotel a breeze. I found ample parking and was able to navigate easily around the town. The real key to why I would stay at the Landmark again is the underground pool and spa.


We really enjoyed our stay since we had quick access to the beach and the indoor pool with water features it was a huge hit. I was honestly not sure my children would ever want to leave. They loved the pools, lazy river, water features, and hot tubs.

landmark hotel review

We found that you could easily stay at the hotel without leaving for anything and still feel satisfied that you had a great vacation. I mean this is the view from my room. Do you blame me for not wanting to leave?

landmark review


I also appreciated the onsite restaurant that offered pleasant service and great food. We had the breakfast buffet and it was affordable and my kids and myself were stuffed. It featured eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, fruit, and juice among other family favorites.

landmark review


I would also let you know the Internet is okay they have plenty of networks available but the signal wasn’t always that best. I found I really didn’t care. I was here to play with my children and enjoy life. I could check and respond to my emails at night. I feel relaxed and happy and that is what life is about isn’t it?  I would suggest giving the Landmark hotel I visit. I found it to be a great hotel for the beach. It had great access to parking and the beach and it was located near everything you would need.

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I miss the view already and the fun we had. The great thing is I know I will return to Myrtle Beach again because we had so much fun and we have the shells to prove it!

Landmark resort review

Landmark Resort
901 South Ocean Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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