Make Your Own Love Coupons for Valentine’s Day

Add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day with “Make Your Own Love Coupons” – a thoughtful and customizable way to express your affection, offering a promise of special moments and cherished experiences tailored to your loved one’s heart’s desires!

How to Make Your Own Love Coupons for Valentine’s Day

Make Your Own Love Coupons for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a fun, free, personalized gift for your spouse this year for Valentine’s Day? Look no further, we have got you covered with our tips on how to make your own love coupons!

One of my favorite gift ideas for a spouse is to give them personalised love coupons to exchange for tokens of your appreciation, admiration, and love. Who doesn’t love a good IOU if the result is more interaction with the one you love?

When you have been together for a few years it becomes harder and harder to “out gift” the year before. Over time money can get tight or you start planning and saving for the future and monetary value of gifts matters less and less.

That is when a thoughtful gift like Valentine’s Day coupons will help continue to build the love and connection between a couple fits the bill perfectly.

Printable Valentine Coupons

Printable love coupons for Valentine's Day

This year I am gifting my husband more of me. As a stay at home mom my attention gets divided pretty evenly between my three children. There is very little left of me for my husband during this season of life.

If you are like me and short on time and energy but want to give your spouse the gift of more of you, how about good old fashioned coupons for Valentines day?

Unfortunately, I lack the excess time and energy to create or hand write a bunch of love book coupons for my spouse, so if you are like me here is a quick Valentine’s Day printable coupons from our sister site

Valentine's Day Love Coupons

Free Couple’s Valentine’s Day Coupon Printable 

Printable Valentine's day love coupons

We also have our own version of Printable Valentine Love Coupons!

Feel free to personalize your coupons however you’d like. You can make a diy coupon book. I printed them on various colored paper and gave him eight copies of each coupon (one for each year we’ve been together). I also hand wrote a few special ones that are more specific to our relationship.

Make Your Own Love Coupons for Valentine's Day

I happen to have a mason jar laying around, so I placed them in there and found a leftover ribbon from Christmas to wrap around it. I hand wrote a love letter and attached it to the ribbon to complete the Valentines day gift look.

love coupon ideas for couples


Here’s a list of 50 ideas for love coupons that you can customize for Valentine’s Day:

1. Breakfast in Bed:

Redeemable for a homemade breakfast served in bed.

2. Movie Night of Your Choice:

Choose a movie, and I’ll make the popcorn.

3. Candlelit Dinner:

A romantic dinner prepared by me.

4. Massage Night:

Enjoy a relaxing massage from your favorite masseuse.

5. Weekend Getaway:

Plan a weekend trip, and I’ll take care of all the details.

6. Tech-Free Evening:

A night without screens—just us and quality time.

7. Customized Playlist:

I’ll create a playlist of our favorite songs.

8. Home Spa Night:

Pamper yourself with a spa night at home.

9. Personal Chef:

I’ll cook your favorite meal from scratch.

10. Wish Granted:

One wish, no questions asked.

11. Dance Under the Stars:

A romantic night of dancing under the stars.

12. Adventure Day:

Let’s embark on a spontaneous adventure together.

13. Memory Lane Date:

A date revisiting our favorite places and memories.

14. DIY Project Together:

Let’s pick a project and create something together.

15. Picnic in the Park:

A lovely picnic surrounded by nature.

16. Day of Your Choice:

You get to plan our entire day.

17. Coupon Book Refresh:

Choose any three coupons for a refresh.

18. Star Naming:

Name a star after us and share a special moment.

19. 24 Hours of Cuddles:

Enjoy a full day of cuddling.

20. Breakfast Date:

A morning date at our favorite breakfast spot.

21. Fondue Night:

An evening of delicious fondue at home.

22. Art Class Together:

Let’s take an art class or paint together.

23. Personal Photographer:

I’ll capture beautiful moments just for you.

24. Home Movie Theater Night:

Turn our living room into a cozy movie theater.

25. Bookstore Date:

A date at the bookstore with a book of your choice.

26. A Dozen Love Letters:

Twelve handwritten letters expressing my love.

27. Karaoke Night:

Sing our hearts out at a karaoke bar or at home.

28. Wild Card:

You choose, and I’ll make it happen.

29. Coffee Shop Date:

A coffee date at our favorite café.

30. Game Night:

An evening filled with board games and laughter.

31. Puzzle Together:

Work on a puzzle together for a cozy night in.

32. Bike Ride Adventure:

A scenic bike ride together.

33. Secret Hideaway Picnic:

I’ll find a hidden spot for a romantic picnic.

34. Customized Coupon:

Create your own coupon, and I’ll fulfill it.

35. Ice Cream Date:

A trip to the ice cream parlor for your favorite flavor.

36. Sunset Watching:

Enjoy a beautiful sunset together.

37. Comedy Club Night:

A night of laughter at a local comedy club.

38. Plant a Tree Together:

Symbolize our love by planting a tree together.

39. Photo Shoot Day:

A day dedicated to capturing our love in photos.

40. Breakfast for Dinner:

I’ll cook a breakfast feast for dinner.

41. Tech Assistance Voucher:

I’ll help you with any tech issues hassle-free.

42. Write a Love Poem:

A personalized love poem just for you.

43. Create a Scrapbook:

Spend a day creating a scrapbook of our memories.

44. Sushi Night In:

I’ll prepare a sushi feast at home.

45. Week of Chore-Free Living:

A week where you don’t have to worry about chores.

46. Personal Stylist:

I’ll help you pick out an outfit for a special occasion.

47. Outdoor Adventure Day:

Choose an outdoor activity, and we’ll do it together.

48. Spontaneous Road Trip:

A surprise road trip to a nearby destination.

49. Make a Wish:

Make a wish, and I’ll make it come true.

50. Renewal of Vows:

A symbolic renewal of our commitment and love.

Feel free to mix and match these ideas or come up with your own to create a personalized love coupon book for your partner on Valentine’s Day! 

There are many Valentine gifts out there that are inexpensive and speak from the heart that you can give to a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Check out the link below for more ideas on how to do Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Make Your Own Love Coupons now and feel free to show us your project.

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